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Prop 8 Oral Arguments

So I’ve had a total of three posts and I’m out of writing related topics 🙂

So I’m moving on to politics.  Tomorrow (Thursday March 4th), the California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the legality of Proposition 8 as well as the status of the 18,000 gay marriages that took place before prop 8 took effect.  The court has up to 90 days to release its decision, but honestly it wouldn’t be unheard of for the court to rule tomorrow.  You see, oral arguments are kind of a joke in cases like this.  The justices have had months to study the legal aspects of this case,  read the briefs and written arguments, and even write their decisions.

So while oral arguments may help people refine their decisions, they aren’t likely to change them.  Still, if you want to see how this goes down, you can watch the arguments live at http://www.calchannel.com/.   It should be interesting from a viewing standpoint to see this court deal with a ballot initiative that basically went behind their backs to counteract their previous rulings.  I for one hope they are pretty pissed off about it.

In all seriousness folks, we’ve  worked hard on this issue, sending money, talking to friends and politicians, and signing petitions.  Now it’s time to pray.


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