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We’re back home from our whirlwind trip through Iowa and Illinois, and I am so excited to report that Sappho’s Salon was a big hit.

We got to Chicago on Friday night and immediately ordered Chinese food, which we don’t get at home.  We stayed at a great BnB in Andersonville called House 5863 that had a great little living room and well-stocked kitchen, so we hung out there that night and watched basketball with Nell Stark, who was also staying there.


The next morning we were up early with Jackson and off to Navy Pier.  Jackson got his first ride on the El. He wasn’t impressed.  The fact that we kept starting and stopping didn’t help, and he was pretty wary of the doors opening and closing.  Still, by the end of the ride he was like an old pro and even fell asleep on the way back.


When we got to Navy Pier, he was a much happier boy.   He loved watching all the people go by, and he would have liked to just run right off the pier if we’d let him.  He’s just a freak for water, and there was plenty of it on all sides.  It was quite a fight to get him back in the stroller and onto the bus, but by this time he was a champ about public transportation.  You’d hardly know he wasn’t a city baby from birth.


From the pier it was back down to Clark and Grand, the fabulous intersection that’s home to the original Maggiano’s.  The restaurant has been franchised out, but this original is truly the only place to go.  They serve family-style Italian food and desserts, and it’s heaven on a plate.  We got our standard meal of Maggiano’s salad (the best dressing ever) chicken parmesan, fettuccini alfredo and tirimasu.  Jackson got his first taste of fine Italian food, and he was hooked.  He ate his body weight in tiramusu.


That afternoon back at the BnB C.P. Rowlandsand her partner, Gloria, joined us.  We had a great time chatting and getting acquainted and were laughing like long-lost friends in no time.  They brought Jackson some Brewers’ gear that I agreed to let him wear on the condition that the Brewer’s don’t win the division this year 🙂 It was good times all around.


 We were then joined by Nell and Trinity Tam, who’d gotten in late the night before due to plane issues.  Those two are such a cute couple.  We all sat around for awhile shootin’ the breeze and talking sports and kids and mostly just blowing off steam before the big reading.


We walked down to Andie’s for dinner, where we met up with Jennifer Harris and her partner, Susan, and Anne Laughlin.  The food was fantastic and was only out-shone by our company.  There was never a dull moment at the BSB table. Sparks always fly when authors get together. We always seem to feed off of each other acting as muses, instigators and enablers.  Even Jackson got into the action as he tried to pick up the little girl at the table next to ours.


Next it was time for the big event . . .


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