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Weekend Play/Writing Update

This week’s weekend play is a dual post in that it will of course have your weekend song to groove out to, but it is also tied directly to the writing I’ve been doing this week.  I wrote just over 3000 thousand words this week, which by word count isn’t anything spectacular, but when you look at the scenes I covered it was quite a feat. 

One of my characters came out, the main couple had their first kiss, they had their first full frontal make out session, and a major conflict popped up.  All in all it was a damned impressive week if I do say so myself.   The progress was even more enjoyable because I’ve been dragging lately.  Writing even a simple connector scene had been a chore, and I was finding it impossible to stay focused.  I had actually started to wonder if these women even wanted to be together at all.  The thought of a first kiss under such dire writer’s block was enough to break my heart. 

A scene that is both emotionally and physically charged is a killer under any circumstances. I need to be on the top of my game, in the zone if you will.  Those big moments deserve the utmost care, and the characters need to channel all their angst, their passion, their exhilaration and their fear through me.  I owed it to these women (Raine/Rory and Beth) to dig deep in own their essence, so I went on a search. 

I played every song I could think of, REO Speedwagon’s “I Can’t Fight this Feeling” helped somewhat, which lead to Journey’s “Open Arms,” which then brought up a video to the song with pictures from the film Loving Annabelle.  Something sparked in the tortured images of the stunning Diane Giadry fighting to maintain her boundaries in the face of an alluring and off limits young woman played by Erin Kelly.  My characters are nothing like the characters in the movie, but the depth of feeling resonated with them, and I felt Raine and Beth beginning to stir.

I quickly began searching for every Loving Annabelle clip I could find, and when I stumbled on a compilation set to a song from the movie’s soundtrack, Beth and Raine began to dance, coming together so beautifully that I couldn’t keep them apart.  They strolled hand in hand from my mind right onto the page. 

The song is “All Over Me” and is sung by Lindsay Harper.   The words are fitting for my girls,  “The answers aren’t so easy to find. The questions’ll have to do because I’ve lost myself deep in your eyes. My only fix is you.”

Here’s the song and the video that has become my new obsession and my character’s theme song.  Hopefully when you get to read the book, this is what you’ll hear in their embrace.

And folks, these are small time artists, actors, and film makers, trying to make a living and telling OUR stories, so if you like what you see here please keep their work going by buying the CD, the film, and of course, my book.


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  1. Rachel, the clip is beautiful and I am glad it got your (and your muses) creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing.
    You last comment is particularly poignant to me this week as I sit and ponder my place in the world.
    You keep writing and I will keep reading. Deal?
    Kudos Mate

    Comment by Devlyn | April 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. Oh I can’t wait to read this book and the video is very inspiring. That first scene should always take your breath away.
    Beth Wylde

    Comment by bethwylde | April 18, 2009 | Reply

  3. We have this film and this was a great clip…thanks for posting it. Hey, Rach, it helped me through a scene too.

    Comment by C.P.Rowlands | April 21, 2009 | Reply

  4. Love this movie, and I have the song on my iPod. Thanks for sharing this clip.

    Comment by jinxnme88 | April 23, 2009 | Reply

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