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Belated Weekend Play and Update

Another week has come and gone and yet still no completed manuscript!  Ugh, bad writer, no more mahjong.  Seriously though these last few scenes are killing me.  My second character had her “come to Jesus” moment and they have worked out some major issues this week.  And (**Spoiler alert*** they have sex **End spoiler alert)  and that stuff if just exhausting to write.  I know I need to stop whining and just write already, but it’s been a struggle and to top it all off I’m on vacation.  Susie is at a conference and I have Jackson all day on my own in a new city.  There has been little time to work.  I am going to try again next week to get this thing finished and if I don’t then y’all can think up of a punishment ok?

In the mean time, I know I owe you a weekend play. I thought today was Friday. Opps!  As I said I’m on vacation my days are screwed up in my head.  Please forgive me for being late with this one, but I have once again crossed the Mason Dixon line and you know that means you got a “South” song coming at you.

I’m in Louisville KY and from where I am sitting right now I can see the great Ohio River stretching out before me.  For those of you who don’t know American History this is the river that divided the North and the South, and was known as “The Jordan” to Slaves, earlier than that it served as a boarder between white Kentucky and Native American Territories.  Culturally its ties run the gamut from thoroughbred horses, to fine bourbon, and Louisville slugger baseball. Musically this is home to Kentucky Bluegrass which is an early American music that influenced country, blues and rock and roll and everyone from Patsy Cline to Elvis to the Beatles. It’s founding father Bill Monroe brought us the American Classic Blue Moon of Kentucky.

There are so many good versions of this song but right now I am digging Patsy Cline and you can’t really go wrong with her for anything so here you have it, a little piece of the Ohio River Valley.


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  1. You’re right Rach, you can’t do better than Patsy Cline. Have a great day,

    Mary Ann

    Comment by mabslp | June 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. Rach,

    You know what? That song … “Blue Moon of kentucky” has chased me for years. As many as “Patsy” the movie has. I discovered Patsy Cline thanks to it and became a fan of her and the song.

    We should sing it together when we meet and ask JD to back us with her guitar. Grin.

    Carmen aka Towanda

    Comment by towanda | June 7, 2009 | Reply

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