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GCLS Day Three (Part 1)

Saturday morning started off with a speech from special guest speaker, Melissa Good.  She talked about the evolution of the Internet and how throughout the entire process the driving force behind the technology has been community.


She challeneged the audience to continue to use technology to reach out to our community.  My favorite line of her whole speech was, “People like to buy things from people they know and feel comfortable with.”

After that we all got into position for the author auction, and I cannot even begin to give you all the details I’d like to give you about the auction because we’d be here all day long.  I will share some pictures with a brief caption though. Now would be a good time to mention that my camera was out of commission through this part of the conference, so many of these pictures have been borrowed from Verda Foster, Watty Boss, Tracy Bricker, Denise Winthrop, and Elaine Mulligan (thank you all).

KG MacGregor went first, bravely so, and sold herself largely on her “experience” level.


Next up was Nell Stark, who let the bidders striped her down to her boxer shorts, and she gave a lap dance to the winner, seriously upping the naughty level.


P.S. That is Kat Smith doing that round of undressing there.

Next up was Jen Wright, who had an adorable “aw gee shucks” appeal up there but did give us a little teaser by flexing her muscles.


J.M. Redmann had the bidders going quickly, based on (gasp!) her writing . . . and also on having more “experience” than KG MacGregor 🙂


Catherine Lundoff was a picture of high femme and had the butches sweating it out, but she was swept off the stage by our every so dashing auctioneer, Lois Glenn.


Lynn Ames did a full on strip routine to the acomapnyment of Karen Badger and Bliss, who sang their own version of “Hey Big Spender,” adapted to be “Hey Big Stripper.”


Once again that’s Kat Smith taking Lynn’s pants there.  Anyone see a trend here?

Next up was Lori Lake, who wowed the audience by doing a down-home two-step routine with Brenda Adcock.


Cheri Crystal bounded onto the stage and did an adorable little hello cheer, then announced to the crowd that she was on estrogen and that made her insatiable. 


She also showed off her dance moves with a little help from this very lucky boi.


Karin Kallmaker took the stage next and was . . . well she was Karin Kallmaker.  🙂  She also showed off her shoes.  Not at all surprisingly, the money came rolling in.


Finally Kat Smith took the stage, and took one for the team, at one point mumbling, “There is nothing I wouldn’t do for this organization.”  See the below picture of her in Karin’s shoes, and you’ll understand what she’s talking about.


Lois is not patting her on the back, folks. She’s holding her up because she’s so wobbly in those heels.  The whole thing was hysterical, and as MJ Lowe pointed out, the shoes are nice, but it’s really the socks that make the outfit.

The auction was a huge success and helped raise a boat load of money for the scholarship fund next year and . . . oh wait?  I forgot people?  Oh yeah.

Georgia Beers.  My dear friend Georgia was introduced via letter by her dear wife (and my ex dear friend) Bonnie.  Bonnie couldn’t attend the conference, so she sent in her rules for bidding on her wife.  The number one rule was “Rachel Spangler may not bid.”


Apparently I am at a height that leaves my eye-level near a part of Georgia that makes Bonnie a little uncomfortable.  Really?  Like this Bonnie?


So that’s what she was worried about?  Hmph.  Bonnie obviously doesn’t know me as well as she thinks she does, or my height would have been the least of her worries.  She should have been worried about my bottom half more than the top half, because when the bids came in the tearaway pants came off.


In my mind the sequence of events then went something like this.


GCLS 2009 our camera 248


I don’t know for sure, maybe that’s a little out of context, but I don’t think so.  I’m pretty sure that’s how the morning ended 😉

The afternoon kicked off with our last panel of the weekend.  It was titled “Connecting Readers with Books: How Do Authors Help or Hinder.”  Karin Kallmaker moderated, and the panel featured Reader Rosa Moran, bookstore owner Ruta Skujins, and authors KG MacGregor and Brenda Adcock.  I am sorry I don’t have any pictures of this one because it was fascinating and had a lot of audience participation.  We learned that readers like to know the story behind our stories, they like to know who authors are, what we do as a jobs/hobbies, and what motivates us.  They like updates between books, and most importantly they like to feel connected to the authors whose books they read.

The final activity of the afternoon was a big autograph session.  I did sign a few autographs, but mostly I was excited to play “fan” for a while and get several of my books signed by people I really admire because I am a reader even more than I am a writer.


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  1. Thanks Rach, I surely do love hearing your “version” of the Author’s Auction.


    Comment by Beth | August 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. Boi, can you tell a story. 🙂 I love it!


    Comment by JLDillard | August 5, 2009 | Reply

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