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GCLS Day Four – Kiss and Cry

Sunday morning was a sad one.  Many people had to leave to catch early flights, and those of us at breakfast were subdued, either from exhaustion or the realization that our amazing weekend was coming to a close.   Jackson seemed to be the only one there who had just as much energy as the day he arrived.


After breakfast, the author round table disintegrated into a big circle of people laughing our butts off at each other.  Really, you just had to be there.  We also used the time to get some last-minute autographs and snap a few final pictures with new friends, like this one of me and JL and Justice.


The conference officially wrapped with the members’ meeting, where we discussed the changes we’d like to see in the conference in the future.  Let me tell you, the women of the GCLS were scribbling notes like no one’s business.  I have a hard time imagining a conference better than this one, but if it’s possible, the board will make it happen.  The people in charge of the GCLS are dedicated to serving lesbian fiction and the people who love it, and I for one am  grateful to have them as advocates for our work.

It was hard to say goodbye to everyone, and there were lots of hugs all around.  Still, I’ve been home for nearly two weeks now and have been writing like a crazy boi.   I have completely plotted and outlined a new novel as well as written the first chapter.  I’m using new tools and skills I gained from attending sessions, and I am pulling inspiration from all the women I met.  When I start to feel like I can’t do something, I look at my pictures, re-read my notes, or simply think of all our amazing readers, and before I know it I am writing again, and that is the highest of compliments in my book.

So, thank you to Kat Smith and her Board of Directors for all their hard work in carrying out such a massive undertaking. I don’t know how you do it all, but I am so glad that you do.  Thank you to my fellow authors, who share their time and expertise so freely.  And, most of all, thank you to the readers who spend their hard-earned money to come to these events and keep us all focused on what really matters.


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