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Hello All,

This has been a busy week for me.  I am working on a new novel and I met my goal of 5,000 words for the week, which is really good for me.  I am in that stage where I am really comfortable with my characters and we’re working well together.  I also have a pretty good idea of where the plot is headed, at least in the big picture.  In short, I’m truckin’ on that manuscript. 

However, this is not my only project.  I am also, as you well know, publicizing  the forthcoming The Long Way Home.   Raine/Rory and Beth have become like good friends to me, and I cannot wait to share them with all of you.  I also have so much to tell you about their home town and by extension my experiences in small towns.  I’ve been collecting photos and putting together a few things to share with you over the upcoming months as I wait for and then wade through the editing process with Shelley.  Who knows, maybe I’ll have her guest blog with me one week.

Still, both books have been balanced (or overridden) by trip preparations.  My in-laws are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, so Susie, Jackson, and I will be traveling to Missouri to commemorate the event with a family vacation.  While Missouri is not a place we would normally visit, since we avoid red states like the plague, and fear for our gay-assed lives in backwoods mountain towns, I find myself feeling odd stirrings of excitement as I pack my suitcase.

You see, there is just something about being on the go.  I love checking off items on my packing check list, pulling out my passport at security, and sliding into a rental car.   I am at heart a nomad.  As a child I envisioned a life at sea as a naval officer; in college I had dreams of backpacking around the world; I still harbor fantasies of selling my house and buying an RV to drive across country.  However, G-D had other plans, as she often does.  I was blessed at a very young age with the love of my life and a beautiful son.  Settling down seemed a small price to pay for the love I’ve had heaped on me.

And still, I have a restlessness in my soul.  There must have been a gypsy somewhere in my lineage. I am incapable of stillness,  my body aches to be on the move, and so like a heroine addict who can’t quit but can survive on a very low dose of the drug, I now take vacations.  Instead of going wherever the road might lead, I meticulously plan long weekends away.  Instead of an occupation based on travel, I make use of my wife and I’s respective professions to attended conferences in San Antonio and Orlando.  We visit family and far-flung friends instead of exploring foreign cultures.  And instead of India, Australia and Antarctica, we visit Missouri.

And when all else fails, and I feel the tremble of the earth under my feet, or hear the call of the wind late at night, or feel my chest constrict under the weight of stillness, I write.  I write about the places I’ve come from, like in Learning Curve or The Long Way Home, and I write about the places I want to be like in Trails Merge or the current book I’m writing, which takes place in Spain.  Despite what it might look like when I park myself behind the computer for hours on end, my writing is in truth a nomadic lifestyle.  After all, what better way to see a world than to create one?


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  1. Rach,
    Well said. I love snaking through the recesses of my creative world and meeting new and exciting people. The traveling bug, don’t really have the resources or the drive, however, the sated drug of writing and falling in live with a new world full of exciting characters, give me a high and takes me places I could only imagine. Keep writing, I’m enjoying the journey through your eyes.

    Comment by JL | September 25, 2009 | Reply

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