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Ptown Recap Day 2

Hey folks, here’s your next Ptown recap. I know it’s way overdue, but just think of it as dragging out the memories for extra enjoyments 🙂

Friday started way too early after Dick Harder’s Thursday night escapades, but there’s nothing to wake you up like an amazing panel of ground-breaking women.  Faye Jacobs, Leslea Newman, and Lee Lynch took the stage with Rad as moderator. We got two hours of readings, stories, and Q&A from some of the greatest minds of our time. As if that wasn’t incentive enough, all the proceeds went to HOW – Helping Our Women, a local Ptown charity.  I just cannot say enough positive things about this event.


After the HOW Benefit, I slipped back to the condo to spend a little time with Susie and Jackson.  They had found the treasure that is the Ptown Library, which has a super-cool children’s section and were eager to tell me all about it.  We had two hours of family time, then Jackie boy went down for his nap, and I headed out to the Fairbanks for the premier of Outsiders, featuring Lynn Ames, Susan X Meagher and my good friend, Susan Smith.


This reading was just so much fun.  You can tell the authors were having fun with their work and with each other. Lynn read from her selection and kept us in stitches talking about balancing her lesbian works and her mainstream projects. SX read a super funny scene from her own work as well as a selection from Georgia Beer’s contribution to the collection, complete with hair flipping. Then Smitty blew us all away, first with a stellar impression of JD Glass when reading from Triskelion, then by acting her “reading” more as a monologue in a performance worthy of the stage.  I am in always in awe of the way Smitty commands an audience. Really, I feared the crowd was just ruined for mere mortals like myself after a performance like that.

There was a short break between the Outsiders reading and my own reading at the Fairbanks Inn, so I stepped, or rather ran, outside to toss a football around with Lynn Ames and Nell Stark.  I have to say that the pictures in this case make the whole event look much more athletic than it was.  We were on a sidewalk and kept stumbling out into traffic. There was a lot of dropping and cussing and finger jamming going on, but from the pictures it really looked like we were All American bois out there.


I may have to blow up that picture and frame it as the singular moment in my life when I appeared athletic.  Really, I am not. My own recollections of the game were more in line with this picture, which we are now referring to as “The Gay Heisman.”


Still, even when we were dropping, shanking, or running from the ball, we were having a blast together. I almost didn’t want to go inside for my reading, and honestly if it has just been me, I would have chosen the football, but you just don’t pass up the chance to hear some of my Fellow BSBers read erotic writing.


I don’t really like to read erotica out loud, so the experience was pretty nerve-wracking for me, but I really loved hearing my fellow authors showcase their sexy sides.  Lisa Girolami, Larkin Rose, Colette Moody, Gaberiel Goldsby, Nell Stark, Clara Nipper, and Radclyffe all read from recent or forthcoming releases, and I was just blown away by the variety of ways in which we all showcased love and lust in distinctly different and yet recognizable ways.    Of course the question and answer portion was fun, too 🙂

That evening Susie and Jackson came downtown and we all went out to dinner with a whole host of authors and friends.  Jackson was pretty wound up since the weather had kept him cooped up all day, so we didn’t last for long, but it was nice to see some folks, contemplate things like zombie apocalypses and what not, then turn in early to rest up for all the fun we’d have on Saturday.


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