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25 Songs of Christmas

Happy Advent! 

This is truly the most wonderful time of the year for me.  As a Christian, as a mom, and as a kid at heart, I just love Christmas, it appeals to me on so many levels and I was hoping you’d indulge me over the next few weeks and let me share of some my love of the season with you.  You see, I love so many things about Christmas, the food, the family and friends that gather together, the golden light of church services and the amazing music that accompanies it.  Since I cannot bake cookies for all of you, or loan you my family or take you to church that leaves the music. 

 As my gift to you this Holiday Season I offer you a song a day for the 25 days of Christmas.  I know I know it’s already December 3rd, so you will get a triple play today, but from here on out you’ll get one a day of some of my favorite Christmas (and a few Hanukkah) songs.  I hope these songs, fill you with Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy this Advent season.

Day 1 – Joy to the World – Whitney Houston – My all time favorite version of this song.

Day 2 – Angels We Have Heard on High – I love the hymns more than most others.

Day 3 – Where Are you Christmas – Faith Hill – A song I really need today.  There are so many ways to get distracted.  The Marriage news out of New York is devastating, and I don’t feel much like celebrating.  My car blew a windshield wiper, and it’s raining, not snowing. There are still present to buy and religious wrapping paper to locate, plus I am dieting during the week so I can enjoy cookies on the weekend and that makes me grumpy.  Oh yeah and did I mention that I still can’t get married?  As you can see it wouldn’t be hard for me to lose sight of the fact that this blog is about wonders of Christmas, I just did it.  Where did Christmas go in that little rant?  It’s didn’t leave, it’s still right there waiting for me, the hope, peace, love, and joy are well within the reach of my heart and mind, I am the one that turned away,  not the other way around.  Sometimes I need a little reminder to stop and do those priority checks.


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  1. Hey Rachel, thank-you for the 25 days of Christmas idea. I too love this season – it’s one time of the year I see people actually thinking about important things like love, peace and the responsibility of humanity – and this man who said, a long, long time ago, (if only we followed his words in this regard), that all we really need is love. I’m looking forward to the songs!

    Comment by Mihele Bowring | December 4, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying this! I am too.

      Comment by rachelspangler | December 4, 2009 | Reply

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