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Song-A-Day: December 9 – Belleau Wood

Hi folks, your song for today is “Belleau Wood” sung by Garth Brooks

Oy, if you only knew what I went through to get this song to you today.  Seriously I had to rip, get a visual ( a simple one) make the video, download a converter, convert the video, and then upload it to Youtube so I could link it to this blog.  I really wanted to use this song!

As we continue with the second week of Advent and my family and I try to focus on peace (not easy to do during edits), I find myself thinking a lot about the unrest in our world.  Those of us in America are still at war with two countries, a fact we’ve kind of become numb to.  The rest of the world isn’t free from conflict either. Pakistan, Darfur, North Korea, and many more live with the constant threat of oppression and violence, and so many of us have become immune to that reality.  So this song is a reminder that as Christians, people of any faith, or just as human beings, we are called to strive for peace in every way possible, now and every season of the year.  

I don’t believe peace is an unattainable goal. I truly believe that “Heaven’s not beyond the clouds, it’s just beyond the fear.”


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