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Hey all, I just got word that I can share my official release date with you.  The Long Way Home will hit the shelves (brick and mortar as well as virtual) in September 2010.  I am so excited about this release date.  I mean, of course, I wish I could get it out to you today, but September is perfect for so many reasons. 

1) This is a fall book.  It takes place in a central Illinois autumn, and the time of year is a perfect fit for my characters.

2) The production schedule for a fall release dictates that I’ll be done with my editing  by the first of June, just in time for GCLS!  That means sneak peaks in Orlando this year.

3) The book will be in stores and in my hands for Ptown.  Party on the Cape this year with Beth and Raine.  Expect lots of readings, and maybe even a contest or two that will culminate during women’s week. 

4) Finally, fall is a time for both new beginnings and returning home for me.  I know that seems counterintuitive to most folks, but for those of us whose lives are governed by the academic calendar  (myself and my characters included) fall is the start of a new semester and a new school year.  Fall is when we return to campus and start again.  Fall is a time for homecomings, a time to reunite with old friends and pursue new interests.  It’s a time when you open yourself up to learning, teaching, rebuilding.  It’s a time when you face old challenges with a new outlook.  September embodies so much of my characters’ journey throughout this book,  their return to  campus, their renewal of old relationships, and new approaches to old issues,  their growth, their reunions with old ghosts and inner demons, and their hard lessons learned. 

In other words September is the perfect time to take The Long Way Home.


September – By Daughtry


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  1. Yay! Congrats, Rach! Looking forward to reading it.


    Comment by Chris Paynter | January 15, 2010 | Reply

    • Hey Chris, The first Comp copy goes to you my friend!

      Comment by rachelspangler | January 15, 2010 | Reply

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