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Superbowl – Super Play

Hey All,

Sorry this week’s blog is a little late.  I’ve been on the road and battling the flu, plus there’s no running water in my hometown this weekend – yeah, good times. 

But, it’s time to take a break from all our woes because nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to kill my Superbowl buzz.  I think anyone who knows me even a little bit knows I am a huge sports fan, and even though my favorite teams didn’t even make the playsoffs this year, I still get a huge thrill out of the big game.  We’ve been gearing up for this one for months.  It’s the culmination of a season hard fought, both on the field and in my fantasy football league (which I won, thank you very much) and I am going to  be glued to the T.V. for all four quarters tonight, and I expect to be rewarded with an offensive throw down of epic proportions.

I really like the Colts.  I’m a Midwesterner, raised only a few hours from Indy.  I’ve spent some time in the city\ and had some good food and good fun there.  I crane my neck to admire the beauty of Lucas Oil Stadium every time I drive through there.  I LOVE Peyton Manning.  He plays the game well, he respects himself, his team, his family, and the sport.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he’s got a great sense of humor.  He also leads a wonderful team of guys, who I really enjoy watching play.  Normally, I’d be hands down in favor of Colt adding another Superbowl ring to their collection . . .

But they are playing the Saints!  Who Dat?  The Saints, baby, on their first Superbowl run!  And who can root against the Saints?  I mean that’s just un-American at this point.  F- Dallas. New Orleans is America’s team, after everything we watched happen in that Superbowl, wouldn’t it be beautiful to see the Lombardi trophy marched in to that stadium?  With a cast of characters like Drew Brees and Reggie Bush leading a revival of New Orleans, I’ve really seen the power of sports in full force.  The Saints are living proof that sports can act as one of sing greatest unifying and healing forces our culture has ever seen.  I remember crying the first time the Saints rolled back in to the Superdome. It felt like America was rolling back into that sunken city right with them.  Now it’s time to complete the circle, and bring the city and it’s people the victory they all deserve.  Let’s let the good times roll in the Big Easy once again.

Get ready world, the Saints are coming!

P.S. Jackson is jumping on the couch shouting – Go Saints, Go Saints, Who Dat? Go, go, go! – I think he’s rooting for the Saints too.


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  1. man, I’m like you….I’m caught on both teams…if my heart’s on the Saints somehow my money’s on the Colts. Nice blog girl. Hope you feel better and you get the water back on…take care.

    Comment by C.P.Rowlands | February 7, 2010 | Reply

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