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Editing Up-date and Weekend Play.

Hey All,

I’m in a pretty boring stage of  writing this week, in that I’m not really writing at all.  I’m editing.  I got my final round of substantive edits from Shelley this week, and at this point they aren’t really substantive at all.  We’re fixing little instances where I’ve used a word twice in the same paragraph, or maybe a character refers to something happening last week when really it only happened six days earlier.  It’s really the last little bits of story nit-picking. 

I’m also getting ready to propose my first young adult novel.  I’ve set the Lenten goal of having the book on my publisher’s desk by Easter.  For that to happen I need to do several things.  First, I need to integrate all my beta’s comments.  I’ve done a lot of this already, and their input has made the story a lot stronger.   However, the first few chapters are still a little weak and I need to take a close look at my character’s internal thoughts to make sure they are developing her in a meaningful way, and not just reinforcing what the reader already knows about her.  After that I need to take all the lessons I learned from my past editing session with Shelley to polish this manuscript.  I have a three page checklist of former pit falls, like overused words, point of view errors, formatting tips, etc.   We’ll go into that more in the upcoming weeks.  Finally I’ll do a full copy-edit and write my official proposal. 

So I know this wasn’t the most exciting blog ever, but the life of a writer is rarely exciting 🙂  At least it’s the weekend, right?  Anyone need a break from work?  How bout a break from winter?


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