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Editing and Jackson’s Weekend Play

Editing, editing, and more editing.  Oy! Are you tired of hearing about it?  I’m tired of doing it. At least I’ve reached a slightly less tedious stage in my editing process.  I’ve gone through and counted/replaced several hundred uses of the words “look,” “soft,” “take” and others, so I feel as though the “bean counting” part of the exercise is complete.  Now I’ve moved on to my final pass through the entire manuscript.  I’m still incorporating other comments from my beta readers, particularly focusing on fleshing out my side characters.  I’m also watching for former pitfalls like wordiness, too many gerunds, and clichés. 

However, I’m also doing a more personal kind of check to see if I still like this story and characters who drive it.  After writing something bit by bit, then picking it a part bit by bit, the whole manuscript starts to feel disjointed, like nothing more than a set of scenes with millions of tiny pieces that are either right or wrong.  It’s easy to lose track of the big picture and the reasons I fell in love with these characters in the first place.  Good news:  I still like this book!  I’m over halfway through, and I still catch myself getting emotional about these girls.  That’s a huge boost to my fortitude and may just provide me with the renewed energy to keep pushing through this proposal.

The editing process is necessary and valuable, but it’s also a bit soul-sucking at times, and sometimes I’m not sure I really want to keep going, but I love my girls, and I love my readers. As long as they keep telling me their stories and you promise to keep reading them, I suppose I’ll keep on keeping on.

As for you weekend play, I got nothing.  Editing just doesn’t inspire songwriting, but I don’t want you to have a musicless weekend, so I’ll let Jackson pick the song  and give the intro.

He said, “Dis my favorite song – it’s ‘Big Green Tractor’”


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