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Good Friday

Hey all,

Warning – this is a religious message, if you’re easily offended by the bearing souls, walk away now.

It’s Good Friday so this is a personal blog.  I’m  trying to refocus on what’s important to me.  I’m spending time with family and friends, and completely rethinking my latest project.  I’ve gotten all too caught up in the piddly, and petty aspects of being me lately, and now’s the time to set aside my own will and open myself up to the bigger meanings and messages of my life and work.  It’s a time to think about who I want to be, who I’m being called to be.  2 Corinthians 5:17 says “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old is gone, the new has come.” But I continue to do battle with the old me.  I fight pride, ambition, selfishness, laziness, lust, and a multitude of other earthly impulses.  I’ve failed to love my neighbor, I’ve harbored hate for my enemies, I’ve felt superior, and sought to supplant G-d’s will with my own.  I’m unholy, unrighteous, and unfit for the Kingdom of Heaven.

On my own I am wholly unworthy, but  today of all days I’m reminded that I don’t have to earn redemption, I need only seek salvation and it will be given freely. It’s a gift, the magnitude of which I cannot comprehend, and made completely out of love. I feel that love today, as I turn toward the cross.  As I remember the sacrifice made on my behalf I’m reborn, not in my own flawed body, but in a spirit of grace that transcends my every flaw.

So, this weekend I strive to set aside my own vision, and surrender to the new creation I can become through a love so complete that  it accepted death, and so powerful that conquered it.

Peace and Happy Easter.


Let all my kingdoms fall . . .


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