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Hey All,

I know I’ve been on the road a lot lately and I’ve missed a few blogs, but I wanted to assure you, I’m stilling thinking of you!  I’m actually thinking of you a lot this week and I start serious preparations for GCLS in Orlando June 2-6.  My plane tickets have been purchased, my hotel room is reserved, and my conference pass is paid for.  Now with those finical barriers hurdled, I’m able to get down to the real important things, like wondering “What am I going to wear?”No seriously (I won’t plan my clothing itinerary for another week) I’m working on my presentations for the conference.

I’m actually taking active roles in two sessions.  The first is Romance Writers on Romance and it’ll take place from 2:00-3:00 on Thursday.  I have no idea what I’m doing here, if any of you know please tell me.  All I know is someone e-mailed and said do you want to be on a panel moderated by Georgia Beers and I said yes.  Now looking at the schedule I  see we’ll be joined by Jane Volbrect, Marrianne Martin, and Karin Kallmaker.  Sounds like four dames and one very lucky boi if you ask me.

Then on Friday is my big session called “Talkin bout my Generation: Millennial readers and the future of Lesbian fiction.”  It’ll take place from 2-3 as well.  This session is the opposite of the other in that I have WAY too much information on Millennials that I have to cut down into about 45 minutes so we leave room for discussion.  I’m going to talk about generational trends in attitudes toward, family, friends, world views, relationship to technology, and peer relations.  Then as a group, we’re going to try and draw some educated hypothesis as to where lesbian fiction as a genre is headed.  I know I’m, biased but I think it’s going to be super informative and lots of fun.

Aside from my sessions I’m also looking forward to lots of workshops and readings with my favorite authors and readers getting to chat it up.  Then of course there’s the pool parties, and evenings around the pool table, drinks and snacks with friends old and new, an awards ceremony where the best our community has to offer gets rewarded for doing what they do so well, and a big dance party to round it all out.

More than any other event of the year GCLS gives me the optimal amount of learning, networking, and fun.  I always come home super charged and ready to write.  If you are an aspiring writer, or an avid reader who would enjoy getting to becoming buddies with your favorite authors then GCLS is a must attend event, but you don’t have to take my word for it.  Here’s someone far more illustrious than I to share her thoughts on the conference . . .

There you have it folks, The Great Lee Lynch has spoken – get to http://www.goldencrown.org and get your tickets now!


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