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GCLS Recap: Wednesday and Thursday

Hi All,

I know I’ve been promising a GCLS recap, but you know I just wanted to drag out the conference a little bit longer ūüôā

The trip was down was uneventful, other than my son’s amazing amounts of cuteness being spread throughout the airport as he proudly pulled his very own suitcase for the first time.

As soon as we were checked in, I headed down to the vendors’ rooms to screw around help out. ¬†I had a great time shooting the breeze with Nat Burns and company while we set up the silent¬†auction¬†table. ¬†It’s amazing how quickly you fall into conversation/joking around with people you haven’t seen in a year.¬†GCLS just has that effect on folks.

That evening the conference got jumping with an ice cream social. Someone (it may have been me) didn’t process the¬†decision¬†to share my ice cream with Jackson, and soon we were both on a big sugar buzz. ¬† I choose to harass my fellow authors; Jackson chose to use his energy to chase Scooter.

That evening a lot of us ended up in the bar – shocking right? ¬†The night all kind of ran together, but it seems like this was night Georgia Beers, ¬†Jeanne Magill, and a few others spent a great deal of time trying to explain the inner workings of women’s minds. ¬†It was a very¬†enlightening¬†conversation.

The next morning was the official kick off of the conference. ¬†We got together for a big welcome meeting. ¬† This was the first time a lot of people got to see each other. ¬†There was a lot of hugging and a lot more laughing as everyone got caught up and we got introduced to some con¬†virgins¬†(we love them). ¬†I know I’ve said it before, but it really is like a big family reunion – that is if you like your family. ¬†Of course some of us were happier than others to see folks ūüėČ

That morning I went to a session where readers read from their favorite works, and I really enjoyed it.  So many times we have to guess what readers want, or people tell us what they think readers want, but it was really nice not only to hear directly from readers, but also get examples of what people actually enjoy enough to single out as favorite scenes.

I also went to a great workshop by KG MacGregor, who talked about 7 steps to writing real people. ¬†I took away a lot of tips that I’ve already started¬†implementing¬†in my next novel. ¬† That’s another amazing thing about the conference, you get a chance to learn from masters in our craft. ¬†I think it’s easy to focus on the fun because we have so much of it, but it’s important to realize that so many of us are also there to learn from each other. ¬†This is a group of women who are tremendously¬†dedicated¬†to becoming better writers.

That afternoon it was time for me to get into my own sort of writerly mode because I was on a panel with – get this – Jane Vollbrect, Karin Kallmaker, and Marianne K Martin, moderated by Georgia Beers. ¬† I’d never met Marianne before. I’ve only admired her work from afar, and of course we all know how much I adore Jane, Karin, and Georgia. ¬†I’m not going to lie. I was kind of nervous to be part of that group. ¬†They didn’t go easy on me either. No matter how hard I tried to hide, they kept asking me questions, which I did my best to answer, though I have very little memory of what I actually said. I was just thrilled to be up there.

After the panel I didn’t have any time to bask in the glory with my fellow panelists.¬†I had to haul ass over to the gay days hotel to do a reading with my good buddies Lynn Ames and Lee Lynch. ¬†We had a good turn out of people who were largely unfamiliar with lesbian fiction.

It was a lot of fun to meet some new fans, but it was even cooler to get to sit and chat with Lee and Lynn. ¬†We discussed our three generational perspectives, but it’s amazing how in sync we really are. ¬†I just appreciate both of these amazing women so much, and I’m really grateful that they let me hang out with them for the afternoon.

Back at the GCLS hotel, some folks who will remain nameless (you know who you are) stood me up at the pool, so I ended up (where else?) in the bar, in my swim suit.  Thankfully I was not alone (Well, I was the only one in a swim suit).  Kate Sweeney had just made it in despite her plane being derailed.   So we ended up hanging out with Mavis Applewater, Cheyne Curry, Ginny Gerth, Sherry Mills, and Nann Dunn and several others before heading upstairs for our radio interviews.

That’s when things got a little out of hand. ¬†Poor Lara Zielensky is a real trooper¬†because¬†she put up with a group of¬†delinquents¬†playing sports bra/water bottle softball and never missed a beat in her broadcasting. ¬†I don’t know why anyone would behave like that. I’m much too mature for such antics.

Oops – who took that picture?

Anyway – that’s your first half report. If you want the rest, you’ll have to check back next weekend. ¬†In the meantime, enjoy your holiday weekend for those of you in the US! ¬†I’m not an overly patriotic person, but I do I hope you all keep on “Rockin in the USA.”


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  1. Nice report, Rach. Fond memories and great pictures. It was a good time and a wonderful experience with some fabulous women.

    Comment by jeanne | July 3, 2010 | Reply

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