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Hey Blog Readers,

I know I make it hard on those of you who want to follow this blog since I can’t seem to keep any sort of regular schedule. Now I’m blogging on a Sunday, but since I’m on vacation, it’s really a miracle I’m blogging at all. I’m currently in Wisconsin Dells with a big bunch of our friends from grad school. There are 13 adults and 4 children in one cabin, and three days in we are having a blast. We’re reliving a lot of the glory days and introducing a second generation of ISU redbirds (of the future) to each other.

I’m also doing some reliving in that it was on a grad school trip to Wisconsin/The UP with many of these same people that I first met Campbell and Parker.  We were all gathered in a slopeside cabin at Big Powderhorn Mountain when I thought, “this would be a great setting for a book.” I had just finished my first draft of a little project but didn’t intend to send it anywhere, and had no intention of writing full time (I was getting a master’s in college student personnel administration), but the characters started talking, and I started writing.

It seems like that wasn’t so long ago, but looking at our group now it’s clear to see how far we’ve all come.  Between us all, we’ve got jobs, got married, got Ph.D.s, and those kids crawling around the floor came from somewhere, right?  I never did work in the field of Student Affairs. By the time I graduated I was already four months pregnant with Jackson and headed for a new adventure as a stay-at-home mom. Now my third novel, The Long Way Home will be published in September. That book that I never intended to send anywhere is Learning Curve, and that story on the hillside of Big Powerhorn became Trails Merge. Life sure takes some funny turns. Just when you think you’re done with surprises, something shifts and you’re spinning into a new direction.

Life is shifting again.  Jackie will start going to pre-school two days a week in the fall.  I’ve started selling Pampered Chef products.  And I tried my hand at a new kind of writing.  Spanish Heart was my first attempt at a YA novel.  It was a challenge and pleasure to write, but I’ve still got a lot of learning left to do. Bold Strokes Books has declined to publish that novel. It’s the first rejection letter I’ve ever received. It’s strange to find yourself in that position on your fourth book instead of your first, but it’s something most writers end up facing at some point. I’m not going to lie, getting rejected stings, but I’m in good company, and I’m moving on.

As I sit here, in a summer cabin in Wisconsin, I realize so many of the big dreams we all had have come true. We are happy, we are healthy, we successful in our careers, we have beautiful families and we’re all still friends after all these years.  The details of the journey have rarely gone the way we’ve planned and we will continue to learn, change, and adapt, but in the end we are all moving in the right direction: forward.


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