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What’s in a Name – Winner!

Congrats to everyone who got the right answer to the what’s-in-a-name contest.  All of my side characters in The Long Way Home were named for members of the 2006 World Series Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals.

I got several “Right” answers, but one really stood out.  Allie Fukushima not only got the theme, she listed all the characters and their Cardinal counterparts.

Ali Suppan – Jeff Suppan, Pitcher
Edmond Carpenter – Jim Edmonds, Outfielder & Chris Carpenter, Pitcher
Miles Braden – Aaron Miles, 2nd Baseman & Braden Looper, Pitcher
Flores Molina – Randy Flores, Pitcher & Yadier Molina, Catcher
Patty Spezio – Scott Spezio, Infielder
Kelly Rolen – Scott Rolen, Infielder
Wilson Taguchi – Preston Wilson, Outfielder & So Taguchi, Outfielder
Davey St. James – any number of Dave/Davids on the roster: Eckstein, Coaches Dave Duncan, Dave McKay
Niki Belliard – Ronnie Belliard, Infielder
Tyler Mckay – Tyler Johnson, Pitcher & Dave McKay, First Base Coach
Old lady Anthony – Anthony Reyes, Pitcher
Chris Bennett – Gary Bennett, Catcher & Chris’: Carpenter, Narveson, Duncan
Lindsay (reyes) Kennedy – Anthony Reyes, Pitcher
Jenny Thompson – Brad Thompson, Pitcher
Scott Wainwright – Scott: Spezio, Rolen. Adam Wainwright, Pitcher
Mr. Hancock – Josh Hancock, Pitcher
Mrs. LaRussa – Tony LaRussa, Manager

The only one she missed was that Lindsay Kennedy was actually named for Adam Kennedy – but all in all I thought this answer was damned impressive!

Other Cardinal mentions were Weaver Hall for Jeff Weaver, Encarnacion Pizza for Juan Encarnacion, and the town of Oquendo for Jose Oquendo.

Congrats Allie – you’re our winner!  She gets her choice of my books (Learning Curve, Trails Merge, The Long Way Home, or the BSB anthology Romantic Interludes), and of course I will autograph it for her.  Allie, if you’re reading this, just shoot me an e-mail with your choice and your address, and I’ll get that out to you in the next few days.

Thanks to everyone who played!  I was really thrilled with how many of you seemed to know both my work and my Cardinals.


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