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Ptown Part 2

Okay -where did I leave off on the Ptown recap?  Oh yeah, Wednesday.

Wednesday morning I lounged around. I walked around downtown with Kelly Smith, and then we were joined by Lynn Ames, who was celebrating her 50th birthday in Ptown, so I made her a cake and we got chocolated up together while talking about tennis.  Not a bad way to start the day, huh?

I split from the girls in the early afternoon to go check out Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou’s spotlight at the Vixen.  They read from their upcoming release in the Elite Operative series and took questions from the audience.  These two always have great chemistry together, and they’re just plain fun to be around.

Next up was the “Write What You Know” panel featuring Lisa Girolami, D. Jackson Leigh, Rad, Carsen Taite and Yolanda Wallace.  There were some truly funny questions and answers about what specifically writers knew and didn’t know for sure, for instance, Lisa G’s knowledge about exclusive sex clubs like the one in The Pleasure Set, and the question addressed to the whole panel about whether their sex scenes come from personal research – the overwhelming answer being yes.

After the reading I ran home, grabbed the now-charged camera and my bat and balls, and headed off to the first annual VLR wiffle ball game.

We didn’t have tons of people there, but we did have a blast.  This is definitely an event we’ll repeat in years to come.  There was much grandstanding and smack talking, a few blatant displays of athleticism, and quite  a bit of whiffing (mostly on my part).  We also got to introduce a German, Henriette, to the great American pastime.  She  got several good hits and gave the most hilarious recount of the experience to me later saying,  “Why did people look at me when I didn’t catch the ball? How was I to know this was important?”  While there was much discussion over who was the MVP of the game, I think no one would argue over who won the award for the Most Adorable Player.

Wednesday evening we let Jackie have some boy time with his Big Papi, and Suz and I headed over to a super sexy reading with Dk Hawk, Rrrose Carbinela, Dahlia Craig, and Cheri Crystal.  Apart from getting us all worked up with their readings, these girls also win the award for most foodie literary event of the week, as they put out a full spread of great food.  This was one party we had a hard time leaving.

Thursday, things start revving up again as more women arrived on the cape for a long weekend, and the events calendar just exploded with fun things to fill the day.  I kicked off my afternoon with a trip to see Trinity Tam and Nell Stark during their spotlight session. These two are great together, both on and off the page.  Trin read this time, and then they took lots of questions and even threw a couple back at the audience.  Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf, and would you rather date a vampire or a werewolf?

Immediately following the spotlight, I got to take the stage for the first time of the week as part of the Bad Girls panel.  To be honest with you, I still have no idea how I ended up on that panel, as it was clear I was woefully out of my league with all the other authors offing people or kicking ass and taking names, but I still really enjoyed getting to read from The Long Way Home, and I was certainly happy to be there for Nell Stark’s strip tease at the end of the session.  No matter what the topic, it’s always fun to get to hear from readers and fellow authors.

After the reading we were all off to Now Voyager for some book signing, then I hauled butt over to the Fairbanks Inn to hear Lynn Ames reading from Eyes On The Stars.  I am a history buff, so I was glad I got there in time to hear her talk about all the research she did and the brave women who inspired her along the way.

There was no time to rest, because I had to practically run from the Fairbanks back to the Vixen for the BSB meet and greet.  The meet and greet is a chance for readers and authors to mix and mingle with each other in an informal setting.  It was also the first time Jackson had seen me all afternoon, and he was eager for some time to climb the mommy jungle gym.

By the time I left the meet and greet, I was exhausted, but I had one more stop to make on the day.  I walked down to WomenCrafts to pay my respects to the fine book-selling ladies down there, and ran into the the Bywater crew of Kelly Smith and Marianne K Martin.  I also got to meet the very funny Mari SanGiovanni.   Of course, I ended up staying out later than I’d intended to, but hey, it’s Ptown.  It was late and chilly and my feet were sore by the time I trudged home, but as I crashed into bed I knew I’d get to get up and do it all over again the next day.


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  1. Thanks for the Wednesday recap – I was out for the count after the all the fun Saturday thru Tuesday – your Thursday sounds just like mine!

    Thanks for the memories!


    Comment by Lainie | November 7, 2010 | Reply

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