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Ptown – Part 3

Okay, I do this every time.  In an attempt to hold onto these events that I love so much, I drag out the recaps for months on end.  Still, the times comes when I really have reached the pathetic stage and must let go.  I figure with my Ptown memories I reached pathetic about two weeks ago, and this post is me letting go.

By Friday the weather had turned quite windy, so I was glad to get to spend a little time inside, cooking for friends. I hosted a small Pampered Chef party in my condo and had a great time doing it, but even with strawberry amaretto pastries we couldn’t stay curled up all day, and at noon we had to venture out to the spotlight on Ali Vali at the Vixen.  Ali is the consummate storyteller. Anyone who has ever had the chance to listen to her knows this was one half hour session that just seemed to fly by.

Next up, I got to take the stage with Gun Brook, Lea Santos, Nell Stark, and Lee Lynch for the Good Girls Panel, where we all read scenes and answered questions about, you guessed it, good girls!

This panel was right up my alley, and it also gave me my first-ever chance to hear Gun read in person, and that was a real treat.  After the readings were done, we got off on a tangent about how far we’ve come as a community and how far we still have to go, with a particular emphasis on our responsibility to our youth.  I was particularly honored to be sitting next to the great Lynch as I pondered the legacy my fore-mothers have handed down to me as well as what I hope to pass on to future generations.

Is it just me, or do I look just a little bemused, while Lee manages to look utterly dashing?

After the reading we all headed over to Now Voyager to sign books and goof off with each other.  Once we got done there I met up with Susie, Jackie, and Big Papi and went out for some awesome seafood at the Lobster Pot.  Then I spent a quiet night in the condo to rest up for our last big day.

Saturday dawned with much nicer weather, and I was up early by my Ptown standards to have breakfast, play with Jackie a little bit and head down to see Kelly Smith, Marianne K Martin, and Kate Clinton. This event was so much fun. It was part history lesson, part bitch session, part publishing Q&A, and all comedy!  I hope they make this an every year event.

After that I was off to my last signing at Now Voyager, after which I had time pop to in to see Jackie, because I really miss him at these events, but I couldn’t stay long because BSB’s final reading of the weekend was taking place at Gabriel’s.

This last panel of the week is always such a fun one, and this year was no exception.  We got a real treat in that the event was kicked off with a spotlight on Gun Brook, who traveled all the way from Sweden to read for us.  Then the rest of the panel, consisting of  Ali Vali, Martha Miller, Lisa Girolami, PJ Treblehorn, and Sophia Kell Hagin, read sneak peaks and new releases and took funny questions, while in the back of the room a group of authors and editors tickled each other and gave shoe wedgies.  We’re all just teenagers at heart.

On the way back to the condo I took a detour down to the water to soak in the salt air and get one last good look at the harbor, in an attempt to soak up the sights and sounds that would have to sustain me for a long year away from the cape.

Then in was on to a night of fun that I’d just love to tell you about, but if I told you, then I’d have to kill you.  Sometimes what happens in Ptown has to stay in Ptown, though occasionally the pictures do leak out.  These are a few of my favorites from that night. Just don’t ask me for the stories behind them because I can’t say . . . . Use your imagination.

There you go. Every picture tells a story, so I hope that’s enough pictures to hold you over until next year!


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