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25 Songs: This Christmas

Welcome to day 3 of my 25 songs of Christmas, are we all exhausted yet? I’ve been running ever since thanks giving.  Between the shopping, and stringing lights, and decorating trees, and cooking,cooking, cooking, I’m already feeling wiped out and it has only just begun.  This weekend I have a church function, family pictures, and three pampered chef parties in the three days plus I need to start packing for yet another road trip.  I’m just so very very busy!  I’ve already found myself half mumbling half praying thinks like “G-d please just let (insert item) be on sale, or “Please don’t let me burn (blank),” or “please just help me get (x-chore) done before midnight.”

Then today when I was baking my umpteenth batch of cookies I heard Reba’s “This Christmas” and thinking about the wisemen, and Mary and, Jesus I stopped to pay the simple prayer at the end of the song “This Christmas let keep that faith, be that wise, feel that love.”

That isn’t to say I had some great and lasting epiphany, I burnt the bread, I was late for a meeting and my feet are killing me, I can’t promise to henceforth be focused solely on the true meaning of the season, but I do promise to try and pray that prayer more often then I pray for anything else.


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