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I’m so super stoked to announce the release of my first Spanish translation Cruce de Pistas (Trails Merge).  The book is being released by Editorial Egales out of Spain, and you all know how I swoon for anything Spanish.  I got a little turned on just reading the blurb 🙂

I have such deep ties to the Spanish language and culture, and I am beyond giddy that folks in Spain and large parts of Central and South America (as well as my Latina friends in the USA) can now ready my work in their native tongue.

If you or someone you know habla español, please send them over to http://www.editorialegales.com/fichalibro.php?id=2691

Cruce de pistas
ISBN: 978-84-92813-33-9
Fecha edición: /Feb 11
328 páginas
22,95 € 

Dónde comprar este libro.Cualquier esquiador sabe que todo puede pasar en un cruce
de pistas.

Tras un amargo ultimátum de su amante, Campbell regresa al hogar de su infancia,
la estación de esquí Bear Run, en busca del apoyo y solaz incondicional de su familia.

Parker Riley escapa a la montaña cuando el mundo de la poderosa maquinaria política
de Chicago le hace cuestionarse su buen juicio, tanto en la vida como en el amor.

Pese a la reticencia inicial, las dos mujeres ven cómo su amistad en ciernes se precipita
hacia el romance, como una imparable bola de nieve. La idílica estación de montaña es
el escenario perfecto para que aprendan a confiar de nuevo y, quizá, encuentren su
segunda oportunidad en el amor. Sin embargo, cuando el pasado de Parker resurge,
Campbell se ve obligada a enfrentarse a sus propias y duras verdades.

Heridas recientes se abren de nuevo y los obstáculos inesperados en el camino
amenazan cualquier esperanza de tener un futuro juntas.

Plus this gives me a new excuse to listen to some Spanish music all day.


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  1. Gracias, muchas gracias Rachel!,
    I love you like Spanish culture so much, and specially love the way you are thinking about us. I use to buy all my books in English (from Bella, BSB, Intaglio…) because at the same time a learn a lot about your language too; It’s easy for me to understand (almost) everything when it’s been written and I’m learning a lot of expressions too, but I’m going to order this new one in Spanish. I want to ask you something, is it too pretentious for my part to ask you signing the book?. Where I live there is not any book-signing session. I really would like to atend to a woman’s week in P-town or now in Florida with BSB… but due to my illness and that it is os far, far away from home, I’m afraid I will never meet with all of you. Well, if you can, that’s it. I will treasure it with all I am.
    So THANK YOU again! for all the time spent, for all the love you put in your work just to brighten our lives. I do wish this book to be a best-seller among us.
    Con cariño,

    Comment by Maite de Tapia | March 5, 2011 | Reply

  2. Maite – I’d love to sign the book for you. I don’t have any copies of it at the moment, but let me look in to getting some and I’ll see what we can get worked out, okay?

    Comment by rachelspangler | March 5, 2011 | Reply

  3. […] Rachel Spangler posted GCLS News and about a Spanish translation of Trails Merge. […]

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