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Get a Job! (Or not)

I’ve got a problem.  A cash flow problem.  Who doesn’t, right?   On top of that I also have a time flow problem.  Once again, get in line, right?  The problem is my time problem and my cash problems have begun to feed each other in a way that’s causing them both to spin out of control.

You see, my books only come out once a year at best.  Payments are far between, money gets tight, so I take on some extra work to cover expenses.  I sell Pampered Chef, I start babysitting a few days a week, and some money comes in to supplement my wonderful wife’s income.  It works.  But because I’m working more hours, and those hours can’t conflict with my stay-at-home mom job, they start to conflict with my writing job.  And so the books go from one a year to one every year and a half, which means those book payments get further apart. which means I need to take on more odd jobs, and you can see where this is going, right?

This is not a problem unique to me or my family. At least half if not more of the writers I know deal with the same thing.  Some of us are retired, and some of us manage to work in fields that complement our writing schedules, but most of us have to walk a very fine line of doing just the right amount of work to sustain our writing habit without obliterating it.

So, lately I’ve been thinking about ways writers can earn money (legitimately) without taking us out of writing mode, and I’ve come up with some fun ideas. I’d like your opinion on them.  Mind you, I’m not talking about using any of these ideas as a main source of income, but rather writing related supplements to help writers get from release date to release date a little more quickly.


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