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Big Event Buffalo Style

Hey All,

I’ve been just dying to tell you all about a big event I’ve been working on in Buffalo, and now we’ve finally gone public with it, so I can spill the beans!

I am super excited to announce that I’m going to be part of a reading/panel discussion at the Pride Center of Western New York on October 6, at 7:00.  And here’s the super exciting part: Some of my truly favorite people will be joining me.  In the author line up, we have Georgia Beers, Barrett, Laurie Salzler, and S. Alexander Smith.  Then as if that wasn’t enough, the whole event will be moderated by the lovely and talented Diane Gaidry.  The author types are each going to do a short reading, and then Diane will facilitate a discussion and field questions from the audience.  Doesn’t that sound like a blast?

On top of being excited about getting sneak peaks from some of my favorite authors, I’m also really looking forward to just chatting with this stellar group of authors. Everyone on the panel knows each other a little bit. Some of us know each other better than anyone has a right to, and in my experience that makes for both fun and revealing conversation.  There is no telling where the night might lead.

So to recap on October 6 get yourself to the Pride Center of Western New York and 7:00 and you get four awesome authors, and one amazing actress, and and evening of reading and chatting about any number of cool things related to art and life and anything else that tickles your fancy.

So go ahead and put a big red hear over October 6 on your calendars now because you are not going to want to miss this one.


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