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An Evening with the Artists

So I’m hearing from some of y’all who want to hear about my event in Buffalo with Georgia Beers, Barrett, Laurie Salzler S. Alexander Smith, and moderated by Diane Gaidry.  From the tone of these comments/emails, it feels you expect me to make an ass of myself every time I’m around Diane.  Now I understand that. Lord knows I haven’t proven myself otherwise thus far. However, since those early meetings I’ve actually settled into a very nice, casual friendship with the lovely and talented Ms. Gaidry.  We’ve shared many a cup of tea without me spilling any of it on me, and throughout the writing process of LoveLife we talked both in person and on the phone several times without me ever blurting out anything creepy or stalkerish.  Actually, the most blatantly lovestruck occurence in our recent history came from my son on a recent trip to the zoo when he went for the gold and stole a kiss from Diane. He made mama very proud.

Anyway, I was not the least bit nervous when Diane sat down next to me at dinner. We had a lovely chat, and she was even nice enough to wipe up the cheese I managed to drop down the front of my shirt (okay, maybe I do occasionally still make myself look silly). In fact, my guard was so down I forgot my wife’s cardinal rule for interactions with Diane and had my wallet on me.  I do fear this is exactly what Susie was worried about happening:

Honestly though, much more nerve-wracking for me was that Georgia Beers was sitting just to the other side of me.  You see, while Diane and I have settled in to a nice, polite, fun friendship. Georgia and I know each other better than any two people have a right to know.  Given the choice between Diane and Georgia, it’s no contest who is likely to get me into more trouble (see previous blogs).

Georgia and Diane also have a nice, fun friendship (it’s a small world after all), and Georgia was not at all shy about teaching Diane several key things about me.  For instance, she taught Diane that everything is my fault, always, no exceptions, and that when faced with such accusations from a femme, I will pretty much shrink and accept full responsibility for anything including the Vietnam War.  Even when I don’t know what I’ve done, I find myself feeling like a kid who’s just been hauled to the principal’s office, and I spent a good part of the evening looking like this.

No really, all jokes aside, this panel was a joy to be on.   In keeping with one of the central themes of my earlier blogs about meeting Diane, everything does seem to happen for a reason.  Meeting Diane led me to Barrett, whom I introduce to Georgia, and who introduced both of us to Laurie, who got married last weekend bringing everyone to Buffalo, which is the home court of the great S. Alexander Smith.  We spent the evening relishing each other’s company, feeding off the collective creative energy, interacting with an amazing audience, and building new relationships that hold the promise of spinning our web of  connections ever outward.

The newbies, Barrett and Laurie Salzler, both had stellar first reads, and I’m pretty sure they picked up some readers for life.  They more than held their own with more veteran authors.

I had the distinct pleasure of debuting LoveLife in Buffalo, which meant so much to me since that’s where it was conceived and that’s where it is set.

We got a true treat in that Georgia Beers graced us with a sneak peek at her upcoming release 96 Hours, and I think it’s safe to say she’s got another mega hit on her hands.

Then finally, the moment none of us wanted to follow: Smitty read a scene from Billy Boy, and at least half the audience had to fight to stave off a full swoon.  Note my expression in the picture and read: I want to be Smitty when I grow up.

This reading was a long time in the making, and it was everything I expected and more.  The only thing I could hope for as it came to as close was that we all get to do it again sometime very soon.


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  1. Thanks for the compte rendu, Rach ! 🙂
    (I love it when I can use a French word in English… )
    It’s nice you’ve enjoyed the event as you expected to (and more so).
    Well deserved, I’d say 🙂
    I won’t tell you anything about writing funny things, this time… :p
    Not as if there wasn’t any fun in this one, either 😀
    Wish you great success with LoveLife !

    Comment by Lilaine | October 10, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thanks for reading Lilaine. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Comment by rachelspangler | October 10, 2011 | Reply

  3. […] Rachel Spangler posted An Evening with the Artists (photos). […]

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