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Ptown: Day 2

Thursday dawned rainy, but that didn’t stop Kelly Smith and Marianne K Martin from stopping over for breakfast.   Kelly, who is very much a big kid, won Jackie over by taking him out in the rain to play with a rubber duckie in the puddles.

Then we all sat around chatting about books and baseball until we had to get ready to go to “work.”

I headed off to Gabriel’s to hear the boss chat with readers and perspective writers about the book publishing business.

Immediately following Radclyffe,  Ali Vali took the stage to talk about anything and everything the audience wanted to hear about.  Let me tell you, that woman is a born story teller.

Then it was time for my first reading of the week, the Girl-Meets-Girl Panel at Gabriel’s with Ashley Bartlett, Melissa Brayden,  and Erin Dutton, all moderated by Trinity Tam, who made us play Two Truths and a Lie before we could do our readings.

The two rookies did a great job.  Melissa read from her debut romance, Waiting in the Wings, which is a very classic love story set in the world of theater and film.  I just recently finished it and couldn’t believe it was her first book because it was so good!

Next up was our other newbie, Ashley Bartlett, who just released her debut novel Sex and Skateboards.  Aside from being the young gun that I happily pass my torch of youngest BSB author to, Ash has a very strong and unique voice that lesfic as a whole really needs to see more of.

Then turning away from the first timers, I was flanked on my other side by a true pro.  Erin Dutton was reading from her 7th novel, Reluctant Hope.  Erin signed less than 18 months before I did, but she’s got more than twice as many books out, and I’ve enjoyed every one of them.  I’m kind of in awe of her.

After the reading we all headed over to Now Voyager to chat with readers and sign some books.  At this point it was becoming fairly obvious that Karis Walsh (debut author of Harmony) was not in Ptown, but since that Karis character is always disappearing, we were prepared. Carsen Taite and her lovely wife Lainey had made some aids to help us locate Karis, and I set about posting them all over Ptown.

After flyering the streets of Ptown, I was exhausted and ready for a good dose of recharging at the Harbor Lounge during the BSB meet and greet.  Susie and Jackie came down to join us for the event, and the boy wasted no time digging into the snacks.

For those you who have never been to the Meet and Greet before, it’s a great chance to just hang out and chat with authors and other readers.  We all mingle about, drinks in hand, just waiting for someone to ask us something about books or writing or sports or anything else for that matter.  Really, Nell and Ashley stood outside on the dock in deep conversation about the important things in life like the appropriate length of pants and how uncool it is to use the word digits when referring to phone numbers.

I was worn out by the time I got done with all the eating and mingling (it’s a hard life), but I couldn’t turn in for the night before stopping by Georgia Beers’ book launch party for her new release 96 Hours.

The whole Bywater crew was out in force (above: Sally Bellerose, Marianne K. Martin, and Georgia Beers) at Womencrafts.  A good time was being had by all, both inside and outside the store.  I would have loved to have stayed and played all night long, and Lord knows there were plenty of opportunities and people with which to get in trouble, but I was already feeling run down and the best of Ptown was still yet to come, so I did the responsible thing and went to bed early.

I know, boring me, but I promise to make it up to you in the next two Ptown installments.


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  1. Who knew Ms. Spangler was also a very entertaining entertainment reporter? Emjoyed this first view of the festivities at P-Town this year. It was great to see the pictures of the folks you spoke about. Thanks for including them!
    I really need to make the pilgrimage to P-Town next year. Looks like way too much fun. I’ll look forward to your next two installments!

    Comment by Karen Wolfer | October 27, 2011 | Reply

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