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LoveLife Available for Download! (Less than 3 Week until the print release)

I’ve got awesome news for you ebook readers out there.  You can now download LoveLife from http://www.boldstrokes.com. Here’s the direct link. I’ve already heard from several people who’ve started reading it, and that’s both nerve-wracking and totally awesome. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

For those of you who still prefer a print book, you’ve got less than 3 weeks to go.  You can pre-order it from Bold Strokes right now and assure yourself a copy hot off the presses. 

When you do get your book either in print or ebook, I hope you’ll take time to read the acknowledgements.  So many people go into writing a book. I have awesome beta readers, editors, cover artists, and tons of behind-the-scenes professionals.  I also have so many wonderful family members and friends who support me along the way.  One friend in particular played an important role in LoveLife.

You see, LoveLife was simply called “That Life Coach Book” by everyone through the entire writing process. The title of the Word document was 52610, which is so creative I know, but I just title my works in progress with the date on which I created the file, in this case May 26, 2010.  Titles almost always come last for me, and it’s not unusual for me to finish a book without thinking about what I’ll call it.  However, with LoveLife I also edited it, wrote the proposal, and filled out all the official paperwork to submit the manuscript and still didn’t have a title.

I tried every kind of life-coach term I could think of, word plays on everything having a purpose, authentic voices, creating our own reality.  They all sounded like ads for dime store psychologists. Then I played with the word “coach” itself.  That was even worse.  For a brief moment, I almost considered Put Me in Coach.  Not really, but that’s the best I’d come up with. Then I read an article on titling movies, and the writer said that having the word love in the title of a romance is a pretty good idea since it lets audiences know right off they are going to see a love story, which people generally like.  So I tried, Love Coach, and Coach of Love.  Ugh.

My friend and man-twin, Andy Cullison, came over to hang out the night the proposal was due, and I told him my problem.  He shrugged, sat down on my couch and said, “What about LoveLife, since it’s about love and a life coach.”

I stared at him in that awkward mouth open kind of way.  How’d he do that?  Seriously, it took him like 30 seconds to title the book I’d worked on for a year. I played with the idea.  It could be love life as in “how’s your love life?” or Love life, in “You need to learn to love life.” It also fit a bigger concepts tag line: “Would you be willing to risk the life you love for the one who could be love of your life?”  I liked each of the distinct meanings, but also wanted to blend them together into the larger meanings, and after we talked about our options for doing that, we decided to go with one word, but with both Ls capitalized.

I added the title to the proposal and shipped it off to the boss, I was thrilled to have the book titled and off my desk. Andy was practically giddy:  A straight male philosophy professor had just titled a lesbian romance novel. We celebrated with pizza and Rock Band. 

So when you download or pick up your copy of LoveLife and you skim through the acknowledgements and you see a hacked down version of this story, say a little thank you to Andy that you didn’t just buy a book called Put Me In Coach.


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