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Search Terms of the Month!

I’ve been doing most of my blogs on LoveLife lately, because well, it just got released, (yay!) but I’ve also been meaning to do a search terms blog for some time now because they are so much fun!  So as a little weekend extra, here’s some of favorite searches that have led to my blog this month.

“Diane Gaidry Stalker” is still one of my most popular search terms (gee thanks) but here are a few more DG search terms worth mentioning.

“Diane Gaidry’s home address” (yeah you will NEVER find that here).

“Why did Diane Gaidry get off facebook?” (Maybe because crazy people are trying to find her home address?)

“Diane and Rachel read LoveLife together” (Hey, now that one’s not psycho. Hurray for you 4 people who searched this!)

Other non stalker related terms…

“Phone calls with Handsome Kids” (Must have been the handsome part that got you here)

“Tickles with Auntie” (Umm is this a euphemism? It’s kind freaking me out that 3 of you got here with that)

“Lesbian run sex toy shop” (I’m a big supporter of such things!)

“Papi Butt” (I assume this landed her because ofJackson’s Big Papi, though I don’t think I’ve mentioned his butt.)

“Lesbians who love wiffle ball” (You found one!)

“Muppets and Skateboards” (Like the children’s version of an Ashley Bartlett novel)

“Catherine Friend Lesbian Farmer from Spain” (Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, No)

“Rachel Spangler public sightings” (Oh this one makes me feel like I’m being hounded by the paparazzi.)

“LoveLife’s Elaine super hot and sexy” (Yes! She totally is! Go buy the book to see for yourself)

And there you have it, right from your google search bar to my blog!


April 15, 2012 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Oh how I love when you post the search terms that get people to this blog and your responses to them. So much fun to read them.

    “Muppets and Skateboards” (Like the children’s version of an Ashley Bartlett novel) — Umm yeah, this one actually made me laugh outloud because before reading your response to it I actually had the same thought.

    Comment by Aideen | April 15, 2012 | Reply

  2. Fun stuff, Rach! I get some interesting search terms too. I might have to do something similar one day. 🙂

    Though, where I really have some fun are the comments that get filtered to spam…those are fun, too!

    Thanks, Rach!

    Comment by Carleen | April 15, 2012 | Reply

  3. Really??? People type that stuff in??? I’m going to have to play with that search bar a whole lot more and see where it takes me….after I finalize my order for LoveLife. I keep getting distracted, darn it. Need to change my priorities!

    Comment by solargrrl | April 15, 2012 | Reply

  4. […] Rachel Spangler posted LoveLife is Now Available and Search Terms of the Month! […]

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