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Let the updates Begin: 10 for my Twenties

Hey Friends,

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, and I’ve got so much I haven’t gotten around to posting yet, but starting today I’m going to work on getting you all caught up with the events of my spring and summer.  Let’s start with my “1o for my twenties” progress.  For those of you who don’t know, I am in the last year of my twenties and I set some goals of fun things I wanted to try or master before I hit the big 3-0. You can see the whole list here, but I’m happy to report I’m cooking right along.

First up, I learned how to deep fry a turkey.  I could tell you all about the vat of insanely hot oil and how it bubbles up through the cavity of my 12lb turkey, or I could show you.  Yeah, let’s go with that option.

The turkey turned out so good people gathered around and ate it with their hands before I even got it to the table.  Then I had an encore performance a month later that went just as well.  I learned not to do that in flip flops because that oil spits, but with two really successful turkey fry experiences I think I can call this goal done.

Next up, I learned how to tie a bow tie.  I made this part of my May 30-day challenge and tackled it pretty early on in the month because I was suffering from some pretty major writer’s block but still wanted to feel productive.  I borrowed the tie from my friend Peter and found a very detailed video on facebook, then sat down in front of the mirror.  There is nothing intuitive about the process of tying a bow tie, and it took probably 10 attempts to get anything even passable, but I did get the job done within the span of one of Jackson’s naps.  Of course once I figured it out, I ran right out and bought my own tie.  I haven’t worn one out to a public event yet, but I often tie it on and just wear it around the house simply because I can.   Here’s a shot from the first day.

My third item to be crossed off the list was to see a drive-in movie.  Jackson normally goes to bed by 8, which is about the time that the movies start, but I really wanted for my first drive-in to also be his first drive-in, so we put on our PJs and Jackie donned his pirate hat and we drove the 40 minutes to our nearest drive-in theater to see Pirates! Band of Misfits.  The movie itself was very cute, but I also just loved the experience of being at the drive-in with my little boy on my lap, being able to chat and laugh and control our own climate.  As I said, the time of the shows is hard for us right now, but I can definitely see us going back often as he gets older.

So those are my completed items so far, but I’m working toward a few others.  Next up I plan to tackle 7 days without a car.  That’s actually on the docket for later this month.  Then also this month I hope to schedule trips to try my hand at both zip-lining and skydying, and when it comes time for skydiving I do believe the lovely and talented Georgia Beers will be jumping out of the plane with me, so please stayed tuned over the next months!

Also, keep checking back over the next few weeks because I promise to update you about events in Texas, at the GCLS Conference, and my progress on my October release, Spanish Heart.


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