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Caring for Kara

You know I love you guys, right?  Aside from the fact that I’m a Christian and called to love my neighbor as myself, I have a special affinity for my blog readers.  You guys share my ups and downs as a writer, you follow my adventures with my family, and you patiently put up with my ramblings here even if they aren’t always the most brilliant thoughts ever expressed.  I get to know you too, through your comments, your e-mails, the feedback you send me, and stories you share from your own life.

I wish I could sit down with each one of you, hang out, suggest a book you might like, maybe give you back some of the support you’ve given me. The thing is, distance, schedules, and all sorts of other factors mean that unless we run into each other at a conference, these online interactions are all we’ll really be able to give one another.  I pray that’s all we’ll really need, but unfortunately that’s not the case for Kara Leonardo.

Kara is one of my readers. She’s a Facebook friend and an active member of a lot of online groups I belong to.  She happens to be from the same area I’m from in Illinois, but we never met in person.  She helped me find local resources for a teen who was having trouble coming out in her hometown, and she offered to help me reach out to LGBT groups when returning home for events.  Then we lost touch.  I knew she’d moved and was in a new relationship. I figured life just got in the way. I was heartbroken to hear the full story of what had occurred.

On February 11, 2012, Kara and her partner, Stephanie Marvel, were involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Stephanie was driving, and their car was hit head-on by another driver.  Stephanie was killed on impact, and Kara sustained a fractured arm, multiple fractures of her leg and pelvis along with internal injuries.  Kara was in and out of the ICU a few times before landing in a regular room and ultimately transferring to a rehabilitation facility at the end of March.  She is learning to walk again with the use of a walker and will soon be ready for discharge from rehab.  This is where her situation becomes even more difficult…  Kara relocated from Illinois to Delaware to be with Stephanie…  When she is discharged from rehab, she will have no place to go.  She has a community of friends in Delaware and would like to remain there, but her only alternative may be to return to Illinois and live with family there.

When some folks approached me about the opportunity to give a little something back to someone who’s given so much to our community, I jumped at the chance.  An auction has been started to raise money for Kara’s continued care and living considerations, and I happily offered up an autographed copy of LoveLife as well as an advanced copy of my forthcoming release Spanish Heart, but I’m not alone.  Tons of authors and readers have offered up books, t-shirts, memorabilia, and even character-naming rights.  You can find cool things in every price range, and the best part is that when you pick up something cool for yourself or a friend, you get a chance to give back to a woman who had given so much to so many others.   How often do you really get the chance to get something good for doing something good for someone good?

And you don’t have to take my word for any of this.  Check out http://caringforkara.wordpress.com/master-list/ to learn more about Kara, the great items up for grabs, and how you can help a member of this great community we are all a part of.


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  1. I keep bidding and get outbid. Isn’t that wonderful. I’ll keep trying because I’m so impressed with the outpouring of giving. What a great group.

    Comment by Sandy Rice | July 17, 2012 | Reply

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