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10 for my Twenties Update: Zip Line

So I’m plugging right along on my list of 10 things I want to do before I turn 30.  I’ve got two months left to go and here’s how the list looks so far. 

Try Curling

Ride A Zipline

Go To A Hookah Lounge

Go To A Drive-In Movie

Go A Whole Week Without Using A Car

Fry A Turkey

Sky Dive

Get Down to my ideal BMI (21.5)

Learn How To Tie a Bow Tie

Pay For A Stranger’s Dinner

Those of you who follow this blog might notice that “Ride A Zipline” was the most recent item to be crossed off.  Just yesterday I headed down to Holliday Valley here in Western New York to do some of their high ropes courses a zip lines.



I had a great time playing in the trees, and I love all the zip lines.  I shot a quick video of my first platform to platform zip that you can see here http://youtu.be/3nC7GIJpS1g

It’s not easy to zip an hold a camera at the same time, but some friends got some good videos of me zipping and you’re welcome to check those out of my facebook if you’re in to that. I’m thrilled I got a chance to take on this challenge and I’m glad I came out unscathed.  One my friends was not so lucky and she crashed in to a plat form gashing open her shin pretty badly.  This is clear not an activity for everyone, but I’m so glad I tried it, and I look forward to giving it another go in the future.


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