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When I was a relatively new homeowner, I had the chance to buy my very first appliance.  A dishwasher.  Not ever having done that before, I spent days researching dishwashers in my price range.  I picked out one I liked for the price I could afford.  It was pretty basic, had okay reviews, and was available at my local Home Depot.  So, off I went to the store only to find out a better dishwasher was on sale there. This one had some better features, but most of all it was an energy star model that used HALF as much energy as the other.  I had just seen An Inconvenient Truth and wanted very much to live up to my silent promise to Al Gore to protect the planet, so $45 dollars more was a smart investment.

When we  got the dishwasher home, I realized we’d missed something important: It didn’t have a flat top. It was meant to go under a counter.  We didn’t have a counter in that spot.  So back to Home Depot we went, where I was told I could custom order a countertop, which they would cut and install for several hundred dollars, or I could get a pre-made cabinet top and cut and install it myself for about $50.  Okay. Option number two, please.  The only problem there is that I didn’t have the kind of saw I needed, so I’d have to rent that for about another $50. However, the guy at the store told me I could buy the same saw for $40.  Right.  So I left the store with a too-big countertop and a new circular saw.  When I got home, I measured twice, cut once, carried the countertop inside only to find the countertop I needed to join it with was not totally even.  The ends fit perfectly, but the middle was less than a quarter inch too big.  The different was too small to cut with any tool I owned, so it would have to be filed down.  Yeah, back to buy a file.  Then spend half a day filing and trying to put it back then, then filing some more.  Also the cord on the dishwasher was too short to reach the nearest plug, but if we drilled a hole in the floor, it could reach an outlet in the base basement and…. have you ever had a project like this?

Even with good research, even with careful planning, things come up, not  through any fault of our own, but because new opportunities arise to do something better, to make something nicer, or more efficient, or more effective.  My friends at Dog Ear Audio have run into such an opportunity.  As you may remember, I posted here awhile back about supporting their project to make an audio book version of Radclyffe’s Safe Harbor, narrated by my friend Diane Gaidry.  Thanks to the generosity of folks like you, they were able to raise enough money to make that project come to life.  Because things went so well, however, they realized that they could actually debut that audiobook and another one, Starting From Scratch, written and narrated by my friend Georgia Beers, this October at Women’s Week in Provincetown.

Debut both books in such a wonderful location and ahead of schedule would be a wonderful way to reach new readers and reward the people who have been waiting so eagerly for these books, but like most good things in life, this option will cost a little more than the slower option. We’ve all been in this position enough to know that getting them done right and in a timely fashion costs money, but asking for money is never fun for anyone, so instead of passing the hat, they have drummed up a few items to be auctioned off to support their projects.  Diane Gaidry offered up an autographed copy of her award-winning movie The Dog Walker. I threw in naming rights to a character in my upcoming novel, Does She Love You, and Dog Ear Audio included a prerelease copy of both audio books they plan to debut in Ptown if we get this off the ground.

Here is the link to a list of the auction items. http://dogearaudio.wordpress.com/about/

I hope that each and every one of you will at least take the time to look at this auction and consider bidding on one of the great items up for grabs, or at the very least share the information with others who you think might be interested, because even if you don’t win an auction item, we all win by getting two amazing audio books available for our enjoyment.


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  1. Sounds like the dishwasher fiasco was a huge project for you Rach, what fun and games.
    Will go over to the web site for a look see.

    Comment by Devlyn Sixtyseven | September 9, 2012 | Reply

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