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Help LGBT Students

I am so very honored that I’ve been asked to help lead a fundraising drive for my Alma Matter’s new LGBT center.  This was something I worked very hard for while at Illinois State University, and it’s a real privilege to be in a position to give back a little bit to the place and people who jump started my career.   I know times are tough and money is tight, but I ask you, if you’ve ever enjoyed anything I’ve written, please consider giving whatever you can.  Even $20 could make a big difference in the life of our students.

What follows is the official fundraising letter:

Dear Friends,

While I was a student at Illinois State University, I found my calling as a writer by sitting on the floor of ISU Pride’s crowded basement office, reading every lesbian romance in the library. Now, as an ISU alumna and award-winning best-seller author of six novels, I ask you to support an important effort that aims to ensure the success of more ISU graduates like myself and enrich the culture not only of ISU but also of the community at large.

Please join me in becoming a friend of ISU’s new LGBT/Queer Studies and Services Institute. The Institute meets a critical need in today’s world that is on the brink of creating more equality for sexual and gender minorities across differences of race, religion, social class, and ability. Let’s work together to put ISU on the map as a significant participant in this transformation.

The LGBTQ Institute was formally established in 2011 when ISU provided a spacious resource center and meeting space. Increasingly, the university has had to rely on outside funding for new initiatives because the state now only provides less than 20 cents of every dollar of the university’s operating budget.  Therefore the university does not provide funds to support the Institute. For the Institute to become the vibrant hub of LGBTQ opportunities on campus and in the local community that we know it can be, we need your help.

Your donation will contribute to the Institute’s immediate goals of establishing a lending library, sponsoring several special events, and keeping the Institute open on a regular part-time schedule. Our long-term goals include funding and staffing an office and resource center full time, creating an academic program to support the research needs and interests of students and faculty, as well as supporting community efforts to serve the needs of the greater LGBTQ and allies community.

To make a tax-deductible contribution on a one-time or ongoing basis, go to http://lgbtq.illinoisstate.edu/giving, where you can give electronically or download a gift/pledge form.

These are not easy economic times, but the success of more young graduates who can make the world a more welcoming and safe place for everyone depends upon each of us. Please join me in supporting the LGBT/Queer Studies and Services Institute at whatever level you can afford.

Very Sincerely,

Rachel Spangler


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  1. Very cool! I plan to support! 🙂

    Comment by Marcea Seible | April 26, 2013 | Reply

  2. […] Rachel  posted Help LGBT Students. […]

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  3. That’s super exciting, and powerful too, since (weirdly) alumni sometimes have more power in a university than current students. Congrats and good luck with the fundraising.

    Comment by Kelli Dunham | May 6, 2013 | Reply

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