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Six Weeks Until Does She Love You?

How are we halfway through May?  Gah, even that isn’t right, we’re more than halfway through May!  I’ve been waiting and waiting for the right time to start talking about my upcoming release, Does She Love You? I wanted to make some big grand announcement. I wanted to be clever and cute and funny. I wanted to make you want to read it so bad you curse the long months ahead and work yourselves into a frenzy.  Alas, I did none of those things, and all of a sudden it’s more than halfway through May!  I now only have six weeks to whip you into a tizzy of anticipation.

Where does one even start?

How about we start at the very beginning. Julie Andrews once told me that’s a very good place to start.  And in keeping with that vain, Does She Love You? started with a song.  You see right now as a teenager I am was in love with Reba McEntire. It was my first full-blown, same-sex crush, even before I realized I was gay. I was a member of her junior stalker fan club.  I had all her tapes (yes, I said tapes) and videos, and I read her biography so many times it fell apart and I had to tape it back together.  She was smart and fierce and talented, and such a story-teller. Also, she’s a redhead. I mean really, need I even go on?  The point is, during my middle school years, Reba and I were inseparable.

One year for Christmas I got Reba’s Greatest Hits CD, which kicked off with a wicked cool duet where she and Lynda Davis sang about loving the same man. It’s dramatic and powerful, and when you’re a romance  writer teenager, high drama is oh so very appealing.  I listened to that song until I wore out the tape. And what’s more the video is super cool too, in that cat-fight-via-song way that puts the Sharks and Jets to shame like little boys caught playing a big girls’ game. Then to top it all off, the whole video ends (spoiler alert!) with Reba blowing the cheating husband and mistress to smithereens.  Reba don’t mess around.

The years went on, and I never lost my love of Reba, but other women came into my life.  I came out, dated and married. I started a writing career. Then I had a baby. That baby’s biological father is Southern gay man.  I adore him, but I often don’t get his references.  He and Susie talk about knitting, show tunes, wine, and composition theory. They use words I don’t know. They are besties, and I love to see them together, but I often don’t have much to contribute to the conversation, that is until Will fires up the iPod and flips it to his country collection. I feel for poor Susie when Will and I get going, because we will sing every song Reba has ever recorded.

It was on one such Reba overdose session when “Does She Love You” came on.  I remember it clearly: We were halfway between Raleigh and Greenville, North Carolina.  Without comment I took Reba’s part, and he took Linda’s (he is infinitely more likely to steal someone’s man).  We did not hit the high note, but we didn’t care. It was a true country queen-off, and we had fun with it.  As the song came to a close, we both admitted loving the drama of that song. And with a contented sigh, I said, “Those two should just make out with each other and be done with that cheating bastard.”

Will nodded absentmindedly. He tends checks out at the talk of two women together, but the idea stuck with me in a way that surpassed the fantasy images of Reba lip-locking with Lynda Davis. Within a few hours I had character sketches in mind. I could envision two power women, both beautiful, both compelling, both strong in their own ways, and both in love with the same person. The possibility for dramatic encounters were endless and so very juicy. The story worked its way into my heart like an old country ballad. It would be a long time before I had everything figured out, and even longer before I had the book written, but from that moment on, Reba and I were inseparable once again.


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  1. LOL..what a fun blog! OK, so you’ve got me gnashing my teeth for 6 weeks, thank you very much. Just one question, actually two: did anyone record your duet with Will, and if so, where can we listen to it? Might make a good give-away when the book is released. Thanks for the video, too. Excellent.

    Comment by solargrrl | May 21, 2013 | Reply

    • LOL – no tapes of those duet. It’s a public safety issue.

      Comment by rachelspangler | May 21, 2013 | Reply

  2. Addendum:: not a great role model to blow up a boat with a cheating spouse, but having Rob Reiner joking about it at the end, kind of lightens the mood. Wonder if those big hair days will make a come-back?

    Comment by solargrrl | May 21, 2013 | Reply

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  4. […] is a lesser known favorite of mine from Reba McEntire, and you all know how I feel about her.  This one is a  modern song with it’s heart in the right place.  Can any of us hope for […]

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