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Two Weeks Until Does She Love You: And the winner is…

Jackson picked our winner this morning and the  free pre-release copy of Does She Love You? goes to Jonathan Crowley!  Please e-mail me at Rachel_Spangler@yahoo.com or on Facebook with your address and I’ll get that in the mail for you.

As for the rest of you who were so awesome to comment on my last blog, fear not. I won’t let you go away empty-handed.  I’ve decided that for the next three weeks I will release 1 scene a week until you have the whole first chapter of Does She Love You? for your excerpted pleasure!  I hope that’s enough to pique your interest and make you head on over to http://www.boldstrokesbooks.com so you can pre-order your copy today.

So without further ado here is the first scene of Does She Love You?.


Chapter One

 Annabelle ran through her internal to-do list for the morning. She’d brewed Nic’s coffee and packed her suitcase, with the exception of her toothbrush. Nic’s suit was freshly pressed in a garment bag hanging in the hall closet, and her travel clothes were folded neatly in the bathroom. She loved these moments when everything was exactly how it should be, and she took pride in knowing the work she’d done helped provide a sanctuary for the woman she loved. She’d put off her next step long enough, but she wanted to let Nic sleep as long as possible, partly because, after thirteen years, she knew how grumpy she was first thing in the morning, but mostly because she wanted to keep her close for as long as possible. She finally pushed open their bedroom door and was struck once again by the blessing of still being in love with the woman in her bed after all these years.

Nic sprawled, one leg and one arm thrown over the pillow Annabelle had tucked beside her when she’d gotten up an hour earlier. Her lips parted slightly and her dark hair was pushed into a makeshift fauxhawk. Nic’s dark eyelashes fluttered slightly when Annabelle sat down lightly on the side of the bed, but she didn’t actually stir until Annabelle placed a gentle kiss on her temple. Nic snuggled closer to the pillow. The corners of her mouth twitched as if trying to hide a smile.

“Wake up, sleepyhead.” Annabelle kissed the dimple in her cheek. Nic closed her eyes tighter as she burrowed into their down comforter. Annabelle had to scoot farther onto the bed to kiss the only bit of skin still exposed, the top of Nic’s ear.

Suddenly, Nic sprang to life, wrapping one arm around Annabelle’s waist and the other around her shoulders. She quickly pulled her down onto the bed and placed little kisses along her cheek and neck.

Annabelle shrieked and tried to push her off. “You’re going to wrinkle my clothes.”

“Good, maybe you’ll take them off.”

“You’re so bad.”

“You love that about me.”

Annabelle rolled her eyes. “And modest, too.”

Nic zoomed in on the ticklish spot on Annabelle’s side and pressed, eliciting a giggle. “Say you love me.”

“You know I do.”

She tickled more vigorously. “Say it, Belle. Tell me you love me.”

Annabelle laughed and tried to sit up, but Nic quickly straddled her, tickling her all over now.

She could hardly speak through her laughter but managed to squeak out, “I love you.”

“What was that?”

Annabelle wrapped her arms about Nic’s neck and pulled her down until her lips brushed the ear she’d kissed minutes earlier. “I love you.”

Cupping her face, Nic kissed her in earnest. Annabelle sank into the mattress, unable and unwilling to resist. She surrendered to the familiar feel of soft lips against her own. Nic had always been able to shatter her resolve with a kiss, and she hoped that would never change.

They lay intertwined for too long, and yet not long enough, before Nic said, “I hate to go.”

“Then don’t.”

The mood in the room shifted. Annabelle regretted the words immediately.

Nic kissed her curtly on the cheek and got out of bed.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Nic padded into the bathroom, but she left the door open as she started to brush her teeth.

Annabelle stared at the ceiling until she heard the water running to rinse the sink.

“I know you work hard for us. I appreciate it. You know I do. I just miss you.”

“We’ve got a good life, don’t we, Belle?”

“Of course we do.”

“I hope you think so. I try to make sure you don’t want for anything.”

That was true. She had everything a woman could ask for: a four-bedroom house, a new Mercedes, a country-club membership, and any little bauble that caught her eye. Nic took so much pride in providing for her that she hardly had the heart to say she didn’t really care about any of it. She’d gladly trade everything for a two-bedroom apartment and a partner at home every night.

Nic came back into the room wearing her tailored black slacks and a sky-blue oxford shirt. “I know you get lonely. Why don’t you call your sister and go play some tennis at the club today?”

“Maybe I will, but you know I’d rather play with you.”

“Reserve us a court for Friday when I get home, and then I’ll take you out to dinner anywhere you want. But, if I’m going to be able to afford to keep you in the lifestyle to which we’ve both grown accustomed, I have to go.”

Annabelle got up and followed Nic downstairs. “You know you don’t have to do this for me. All I want is you.”

Nic looked momentarily frustrated but covered it quickly with a smile. “That’s not true, darling. You want a baby, and those little bundles of joy get expensive.”

“Oh, Nic, we’ve got more money in the bank than any of our friends.” She didn’t want to nag, but she was tired of petty excuses. She gestured as they passed through their expansive foyer to the large, open kitchen. “And we’re not lacking for space. How much more do we need?”

“I’ve actually thought a lot about that.”

Annabelle stopped in mid-reach for the coffee pot. She was always the one who broached these particular conversations, not Nic. “What have you been thinking?”

“Just that a senior vice-president of sales would be able to give her wife and child a pretty nice life.”


“And I just so happen to be up for a promotion to senior VP this summer.”

“Oh, please, don’t joke.”

“I’d never joke about our future, Belle. You know I take my responsibilities seriously. I want a family as much as you do. If I put in the hours I need to now, we could turn the spare room into a nursery by next fall.”

Annabelle threw her arms around Nic’s neck and hugged her tight. “Really?”


She kissed Nic fully on the mouth, joy and love pouring out of her.

“Whew, woman.  You kiss so well, you make me forget where I’m going today.”

She took a hint of pleasure in the lust-filled gaze that clouded Nic’s sharp blue eyes, and her desire to drag her back to bed warred with her inner secretary. “You’re headed to Atlanta today, then Boston tomorrow.”

“Ugh, Boston will be wretchedly cold this time of year.”

She handed Nic her garment bag and a travel mug of coffee, sad the moment had passed but proud of her ability to keep things running smoothly. “When whoever’s in New England’s through with you, I’ll make sure you get warmed up properly, but you’d better get going or you’ll be late.”

“I see how it is. I just mention a baby and you’re ready to push me out the door.”

“No.” Annabelle shook her head and hoped Nic knew that wasn’t true. “I miss you so much when you’re gone, but the sooner you go, the sooner you come home to me.”

“Fair enough, Belle.” Nic smiled and kissed her one more time, then grabbed her suitcase and headed out the door.

Annabelle waited until her taillights faded from view before wandering back upstairs.

She needed to change her wrinkled shirt and make their bed, but instead she entered the room across from hers. She’d secretly considered this room the nursery ever since she and Nic had moved in five years earlier. The space currently held a four-poster, queen-sized bed with a matching oak dresser and nightstand, but Annabelle saw the space differently. In her mind, a crib stood against the other wall with a rocking chair instead of a nightstand. They’d put a changing table by the window and fill the dresser with clothes so tiny they’d make the drawers seem enormous in comparison.

Could her dreams really be so close to coming true? Despite her frequent assurances that she wanted kids as badly as Annabelle did, Nic had been hesitant to talk about the particulars of having a family. Responsibility weighed so heavily on her that surely she wouldn’t have broached the subject at all this morning unless she felt ready.

She closed the door as softly as if a sleeping baby was actually there. She had work to do around the house and errands to run, but they’d all be a little easier now with the knowledge that she and Nic were equally committed to the idea of family.


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  1. I shouldn’t have read this! Now I want to read the entire book! Talk about hitting close to home. Your books are so in tune with my life that it weirds me out sometimes. I can’t wait to read this! I’m totally buying a copy next week so have one ready for me please! 🙂

    Comment by M.M. | June 19, 2013 | Reply

  2. […] mean, I’ve already told you about the back story and the characters. Heck, I even gave you a free preview.  What more could you […]

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