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30/30 Update

On my 30th birthday, I set the goal of doing 30 things this year to say “thank you” or to give back for all the blessings I received in my first three decades of life.  I’ve been making progress on the list, but not at the rate I would like, so in an attempt to update y’all and give myself a little kick in the pants I wanted to post the list again.  This time I have italicized the items I’ve completed and made notes on a few of them.

1)   Make a meal for someone sick. (I bought a meal for a sick friend but decided that doesn’t count.)

2)   Donate to a new charity. (I’ve given to several but I don’t think any of them were new, must check)

3)   Pick up trash along the roadside.

4)   Invite someone new over for dinner. (Have plans for this soon)

5)   Take a big batch of food to the food pantry 

6)   Clean out my closets and donate things I don’t need

7)   Be a mentor at GCLS. (They cut the mentor program but I did do a lot of panels/activities with them this summer).

8)   Help with an event at church (Done several with another coming up Sunday)

9)   Volunteer at the animal shelter (Am realizing I’m allergic to cats and dogs. Oops!)

10)   Bake something for Jackson’s teachers. (Is it time for pumpkin bread yet?)

11)    Put change in someone else’s parking meter.

12)    Serve at a soup kitchen

13)    Buy Christmas presents for a kid in need. 

14)    Host a charity show with pampered chef.

15)    Pay for a stranger’s meal (Bought Crepes, yum.)

16)   Take toys to a children’s hospital

17)   Make Valentines for people at the nursing home  (might have missed the boat on this one)

18)   Introduce myself to someone I don’t know. (GCLS!)

19)   Return someone’s else’s cart to the store. 

20)   Donate books to the LGBT library in Buffalo. (Took a big box up last week and made all the baby gays happy.)

21)    Help out in Jackson’s classroom

22)   Let someone cut in line. (Have done at the store a couple times.)

23)    Give up my seat in a crowded place. (Must find a crowded place.)

24)    Send a note to someone I haven’t heard from in a while.

25)    Babysit free of charge. (This is fun!)

26)    Compliment someone I don’t know. (This is fun too.)

27)    Write a thank you note to someone in a thankless job

28)    Be nice to a telemarketer. (Grr, must try harder)

29)    Pray with someone

30)    Do a chore for someone else without being asked. (Mowing/snow blowing for friends/neighbors)

As you can see I’m about half way done, but I’ve only got about four more weeks, so it’s time to step it up.  What about you?  What are you feeling thankful for these days and how are you showing it?


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