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25 Songs of Christmas: Day 6 – O Tannenbaum

Today is a big day on the Christmas calendar at the Spangler house.  Today we will get our tree!

We cut our own from a lovely tree farm about 20 minutes from home. It’s quite picturesque. And we got a dusting of snow last night, so it should be extra pretty today. It will also be extra special this year because of the friends joining us.  Jackson’s Big Papi is still visiting, and this will be his first time decorating the tree with us.

We’ll also have our friends the Straus-Singers with us once again.  They are Jewish, and we usually we have Hanukkah with them, and they get the Christmas tree with us. We’ve been celebrating together since Jackson’s first Christmas (his first tree was their first tree, too). After a two-year sabbatical in Texas, they are back, and we’re very excited to have them back in our lives and in our holiday traditions.

So after school we’ll load up the families and drive to the country get the tree, then haul it home (probably wrestle it in the stand), then spend 20 minutes adjusting it. We have appetizer-type food and listen to Christmas carols. We’ll string popcorn and drink hot chocolate. The kids will take turns hanging ornaments. Then we’ll dim the lights and put the angel on top.

It’s pretty idyllic in theory. The practice, however, never goes off without a hitch. It’s always a whirlwind. It’s always more hectic than I remember. It’s always exhausting. It’s always messy. It’s always funnier than we intend it to be.  And it’s always special.  That’s why it’s our tradition.

One other tradition for me on Christmas tree day is today’s song. My grandma would sing it to us every year.  We never did fully learn the words in German, but no Christmas tree tradition would be complete for me without at least humming along.


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