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Hey friends, have I told you lately how awesome you all are?  Well you are!  You’ve been with me faithfully from the moment I announced BSB’s signing of Timeless. You were here through the cover reveal and setting blogs, the character building and excerpts, right up to the release date.  So many of you have written to tell me that you ordered/read/liked the book, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much that means to me as a writer. Sitting alone in my office day after day can get so isolating, but getting to interact with all of you even a little bit is such a huge boost.  I absolutely love getting to read your comments here or on Facebook or by email. Still, I wish I could have more give and take with you, which is why I am very excited to announce that the great team at Cocktail Hour (Hi Cheri and Andy) have arranged for that to happen.

This coming Saturday at 4:30 Eastern, we are going to host a live chat.  I’ll be there with a video feed so you can see me and hear me. There will also be a very cool chat function where you can send in questions or comment and I’ll answer them in real time.  It’s not quite as great as a face-to-face conversation, but it’s pretty darn close.  You can RSVP for the event on Google plus here, then the day of the event you just log in.  This is where you’ll get that live reading of Timeless I’ve been promising.  If you have questions or comments about the book or anything else for that matter, you’ll be able to enter them in the chat function, and anyone who does so will be entered for a chance to win a free book!

If you want to see what an event like this looks like, you can check out the recording check of this fun video chat with Lynn Ames and the Cocktail Hour crew from a few weeks ago.  Then be sure to RSVP for my event this Saturday and come chat with us at 4:30 Eastern.

I can’t wait to chat with you all!



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