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25 Songs of Christmas: Dec 1 – Coventry Carol

I do not feel very Christmasy. I’ve felt the bah humbugs many times before. There’s always so much to do with the gift giving and the baking and what not. I know what it’s like to lose the sprit of the season to the stress of the season and I’ve developed skills for getting my joy back on track.

This year is different though. This year the worries on my mind are not as easily forgotten or managed. No amount of quiet time or carols can distract me from the fact that the city I love is on fire, black bodies lay dead in the street, students are being gunned down in libraries, people who dedicate their lives to helping people across the world are being beheaded, and assaults on young women are ignored by Universities trying to save face. Where is the God of Mercy now in this sea of unanswered prayers? This does not feel like Christmas, in fact it makes me feel guilty for even thinking about Christmas. How can a person celebrate peace and love and joy in a time when nothing in the world inspires any of those feeling? How can we have a Christmas in a world that lacks everything Christmas was meant to inspire. It’s almost like that first Christmas never happened at all.

Except it did. And what’s more it didn’t happen in a time when the world was peaceful or joyful or loving. The first Christmas took place in a desolate land under the occupation of one of the most brutally oppressive armies the world has ever known. The Christ child was born into abject poverty in a cold, dirty, unsanitary stable. His parents were members of a race distained by most of the world, and on top of that their community shunned them because they didn’t fit the mold of what an upright family should be. Worst of all the local authorities had so much contempt for even the idea of His existence that openly slaughtered innocent children in the streets. Christmas didn’t happen because the world was ready. Christmas happened because the world needed it to. And it’s going to happen again this year whether we feel ready or not because we all need it.

Maybe the idea of a clean crisp beautiful night filled with golden light and pastoral scenes resonates with you, and if so hold on to that warmth as long as you can, but if you, like me, are struggling with the world at large remember there’s another side to the story. It might not be cute, or glittery, or easy to sell in a neat package. It is not always politically correct or comforting. It is a radical call to a complete overhaul of the way we look at everything from the highest stages of the world order all the way down to the way we interact with neighbors in need. This is a story of fear, grief, and anguish, but it is not one of unanswered prayers. This understanding of Christmas has the revolutionary power to topple kings and overcome even the grave. It is a tale of a loving God who looked down into most dire of circumstances and instead of condemning humans the hell they wrought of the beautiful creation they were handed, God sent a personal, radical, savior to show to the world that while we may suffer, we do not suffer alone.

This gritty, complicated, revolutionary message is the one I will carry with me through this season, and the one I try to share as I journey through the next 25 days. I hope some of you will come along with me.


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  1. Rachel This is so moving. yes I will come with you on the journey and I hope all of mankind will become wiser and respect each other.

    Comment by Judy Comella | December 2, 2014 | Reply

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