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25 Songs of Christmas: Dec 7 – Little Drummer Boy

This will not be a long, heavy blog.  Today is Sunday, and Sunday is a day of rest.  Not rest in the sense that I got to lounge around, mind you.  It was actually a pretty busy Sunday. This morning I went to church.  It was our big Advent festival with hundreds of nativities in the sanctuary and the fellowship hall filled with alternative market gifts.  The Sunday School kids were climbing the walls with excitement, and we had to take them out of the service earlier than usual because they just couldn’t contain themselves.

We spent the next hour working on the upcoming Christmas play, which was a fun sort of chaos.  Then we came home and began cleaning/rearranging our living room so we could make room for the tree.  Some friends came over and we all caravanned to the tree farm way out in the country and we cut down our own tree.  Then we spent the rest of the evening sipping hot chocolate with candy canes and putting on ornaments.

Now it’s 8:00, and it feels like I just sat down for the first time all day.  No, this was not rest in any sort of conventional sense.  And yet, I am more content that I’ve been in weeks.  Sometimes the trappings of the holiday, even something superficial like trees and candy canes, can help prepare us for the deeper work to be done.  Like kneeling before a prayer, or making the sign of the cross, the motions aren’t done for the benefit of God. They are done for the benefit of the believer.  Those motions are ways our bodies tell our minds that we’re about to do something important, something we’ve done before, something ingrained, a brain/muscle memory of sorts.

So today, even though I still haven’t felt that massive wash of the Christmas spirit, this going through the motions, the act of taking part in these outward rituals of preparation, I felt a part of me stir to life with a stretch and maybe a few aches, as if just awaking up to say, is it time?  Is it morning? Are we doing this again? This season may be like one of those mornings where it takes longer than usual to get out of bed, but the light is seeping in through the heavy curtains now, and even if I don’t actually feel the warmth of the sun quite yet, the part of my soul that seeks out those things has begun to stir in anticipation.

So in keeping with traditions that bring me comfort, I am sharing a video I personally look forward to each year.  I just watched it and smiled. I hope you do, too.


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  1. What a delightful video! I don’t remember it from last year but my memory is that of a wadded up piece of newspaper so it doesn’t surprise me. What would be really delightful is if i can forget it somewhere along August and be surprised again next year by it! LOL. Thank you for this gift on the night of my 50th birthday. I shall now fall asleep humming this song with pictures of your little drummer boy playing along!

    Comment by onamarae | December 7, 2014 | Reply

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