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25 Days of Christmanakkah: Dec 17 – Miracle (Hanukkah Song)

Do you believe in Miracles?

Earlier in the month I gave what was likely an unnecessary disclaimer about not being Catholic so I feel I should probably do the same ting here and state right up front that I am not Jewish.  Duh, Right? Hence the great many blogs about the birth of Jesus.  However, as a Christian I think it’s the hight of hypocrisy not to acknowledge the Judaeo roots of my Christianity.  Am I not also raised on the stories of Abraham, Issac, Moses?  Do I not see the prophesy of Christ in the words of Isaiah?  Do I ignore the fact that Jesus was celebrating the passover on the night of His arrest? Am I to believe that a G-d who so loved the world that He sent His own son to seal our salvation would then turn his back on the people with whom He’d first formed a Holy Covenant?  I think not.

So with that being said, I really love Hanukkah!

While we are being perfectly honest there;s something about a holiday that plans it’s menus around fried food that really speaks to me.  But more than the Latkes and donuts I feel drawn the Festival of Lights for, well, the Lights.  The miracle of light outlasting the darkness is a message I really need this season. We started celebrating at sun down yesterday which required me to look and see when the sun actually set in my area.  It’s 4:45.  That’s early.  That makes for a long night.

A reflection on the physical darkness led me to think once again about the long night we’ve been experience culturally.  The violence, the oppression, racism, homophobia, the gun culture, the rape culture, I’ve made it perfectly clear in previous blogs that this time has been one of darkness for me. The news yesterday offered no reprieve, and yet the story of Hanukkah did.

In the story of the Maccabees overcoming the Greeks I am reminded that no odds are insurmountable when you follow a holy call.  But even more than that I took faith in the reminder that when the fight lingers longer than any single battle G-d stays with us. As we survey the shambles, as we wonder how we can possibly begin to rebuild the worlds we occupy, we don’t have rely solely our own strength and resources. We can rest safe in the assurance that G-d will sustain us. We can be secure in the knowledge that whatever we have, when given over to the Glory of G-d, will be enough.  Enough to sustain.  Enough to strengthen.  Enough to light the way through any darkness the world may throw at us.

As I have grown weary almost to the point surrender, I cling to the idea that G-d can and will use whatever tiny reserve I have left to burn through these darkest of nights.  Yeah, that’s a miracle I need right now.

And I do believe in miracles.


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