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25 Songs of Christmas: Dec 20 – Christmas Day

I virtually never do this, but I am going to play two songs from the same album, on back to back days. There are so many amazing Christmas songs out there. So, why make the exception now?  Well, because I want to.

There have been 100 things threatening to crash my joy in the season. I’ve talked about them all before.  You all know the many things weighing on my heart right now. So, with so many things bringing me down it was really nice to have two artists I really like come together to sing a fun song listing all the awesome things that bring people joy during this holiday.  It made me smile.  It made me feel excited for the coming of Christmas day.  Maybe sometimes that is all I really need.  No great sermons.  No life altering reflections.  No need to change the whole world in every single minute.  Maybe sometimes it’s okay to just stop and take a few minutes to just enjoy the good things.  The rest of it won’t go away. The world with all the good and the bad and everything in between will still be here in six more days.  And so will I.

For tonight though I am going to enjoy some time with my family.  I am going to eat food that will make me fat.  I am going to listen to this song, probably more than once.  And then before I go to bed I will pray for peace, and strength, wisdom.  And then I will do my best to sleep soundly in the assurance that God has been answering prayers like mine for Millenia. Isn’t that the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place?


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