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Happy New Year!

Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile know that I was glad to bid adieu to 2014.  You probably also know how much I love lists.  So, why not combine the start of a year I have long waited for with a list of the hopes I have for that long awaited fresh start?  The whole Spangler family made their 2015 Bucket List and posted them on Facebook.  I shared mine publicly because I like the accountability that sharing my goals gives me.  I hope my friends cheer me on and kick me in the butt when the situation calls for that. I am a social animal and therefore of the opinion that anything worth doing really does take a village.

Beyond that though I think being open and honest about my intentions is the first step in achieving them.  A friend of mine once told me I was good a manifesting, and while it’s not a term I would use for myself necessarily I am of the school of thought that God’s ear is inclined to all those who pray. Ask and it shall be granted (within reason). I think my list for the year is a sort of a prayer for the future.  It is certainly my way of saying I want to do better this year.  I do not want to let myself get bogged down in hopelessness. I do not want to squander the gifts of time and talent. I want to live every day in full understanding of both the ways I have been blessed and the endless possibility of blessings ahead.  So with that in mind I am putting my list out there, sharing it openly and honestly, from the mundane improvements (insulating my basement) to the personal improvements (Spanish lessons) to the kind of improvements I hope you all will be most excited about, the ones that involve me becoming a better writer.  These are my goals for a better 2015.

Read 12 lesfic classics
Read 12 new lesfic
Read entire new testament
Pay off car
Finish a novel
Write a novella
Write a novel
Tithe all my book checks
Brush up on Spanish
30 piano lessons
25 Blogs before December
24 Dates with Susie
Help Jackson meet all of his goals
Insulate basement
Paint dining room and kitchen
Rip up carpeting
Refinish floors if needed
Talk to architect about floor plan
Have 12 different people/families over for dinner
Reach ideal BMI
Run a 10 minute mile
5 minute plank alternating sides
3 minute continuous plank
5 pull-ups
Take up curling
Diners and dives tour of WNY
Ski the peak 5 times
See two MLB games

I will post updates throughout the year and I hope you will share some of your own goals in the comments section of the blog so that we can all support each other throughout the 2015.


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  1. Wow! You have a lot of goals and will be a busy person! I bet you already have these scheduled (loosely) on a calendar, at least of when to get started on each project, because otherwise time could slip by on one. I am still in the process of evaluating my new year. My relationship status is changing and with that comes changes to my goals, basically a lot more personal goals than couple goals. Perhaps I’ll post them on my blog when I get a basic list. I can’t post a final list until a final decision is reached this weekend. But I can get started on individual goals that would be viable no matter what my relationship status. Thanks for prompting me to do this.


    Comment by onamarae | January 7, 2015 | Reply

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