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Heart Of The Game is now available!

I am proud and seriously excited to announce that Heart Of The Game is now available in from Bold Strokes Books!  This is my eighth book, and it never gets any less thrilling (or nerve-wracking) to know that the characters I have poured my heart into for over a year are now in your very capable hands.

The book actually went live last Friday, ahead of schedule, and I want to thank everyone who’s dropped me a line saying they already got their copy.  If you have gotten yours yet, don’t fear. Just go on over to the website, where you can buy it in print or download it in epub (iPad), Mobi (Kindle), or PDF (all the things) format.

I know I am biased, but I think the timing of this release couldn’t be better.  For most of us in the United States (and parts of Europe) harsh winter weather has dragged on for entirely too long.  We are all ready for the smell of fresh cut grass, warming rays of sunlight, and yes, a little bit of baseball.   And we’re in luck because Spring Training games started yesterday, and the hope of a new season, a fresh start, and even an early taste of summer is in the air.  All those things are also in Heart Of The Game, along with a sweet romance that also happens to offer you a good look at a new season, a fresh start, and an early taste of summer.

If you’re not sold yet (why? why? I ask you) I hope you’ll do me a favor and at least go check out the full first chapter excerpt of the book on the Bold Strokes website, because even if you don’t end up falling in love with Duke and Molly the way I did, it would sure make me happy if you at least got to meet them for a little while.

And once again, thank you to everyone who has already bought the book.  I appreciate it greatly, and now I start the long, nervous process of pacing the floor, wringing my hands, and waiting to hear what you think of my new baby!

Heart of the Game 300 DPI


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  1. on page 130 and thinking you are a baseball genius….oh yeah and the romance…well no spoilers lets just say awesome!

    Comment by onamarae | March 4, 2015 | Reply

    • ahhhhhhhhh…..done…..now to reread in a leisurely, take the full summer (well maybe a full weekend) kind of long season way to enjoy a romance, slow and sweet, the best way possible!

      Comment by onamarae | March 4, 2015 | Reply

      • Thank you Ona! I am so glad you liked it enough to read again!

        Comment by rachelspangler | March 5, 2015

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