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25 Songs of Christmas – Emmanuel God With Us

I got off to a heavy start with yesterday’s blog, and I’m going to lighten up a little bit today, but I want to stick with the same theme for a while.  Emmanuel, God With Us, That’s actually the title of the song I chose for day two, because I’m not yet ready to let go to this idea as the center of The Christmas message and perhaps even the entire Christian message, being that God is so moved by our trials that he was willing to experience them with us.

In a sense it changes nothing. We still have war  We still have terror. We still have divorce. We still have sadness, and hunger, and poverty.

But might it alter our perception of those experiences to know the God of all creation loved us so much He took on all of those things and more so we didn’t have to face them alone? How would we better handle the worst life has to offer if we knew the savior of the whole human race was right there with us? It wouldn’t end any of the bad things, but might it make them a little less lonely?

Likewise, what would it require of us to know that God has, and is, and always will reach out to us, call to us, as us to recognize her presence and act accordingly? There is both a comfort and a challenge there.

As the song says:
And still He calls through the night
Beyond the days of old
A voice of peace to the weary ones
Who struggle with the human soul

A voice of peace and a call to continue the struggle with the human soul.  What a beautiful summation. God is here. God understands. God knows exactly what you’re going through and will never let you go through it alone, but God is also calling for you to continue. There is too much at stake to stop now. God is as close as a whisper asking you to carry on the struggle for the sake of the collective human soul.

And the years they come and the years they go
Though we may forget somehow
That the child once born in Bethlehem
Is still among us now

Emmanuel.  God with us.


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