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25 Songs of Christmas – Grownup Christmas List

Today we are going to Empty Bowls and our local alternative Christmas market.  These are two of our family’s favorite holiday traditions.  Empty Bowls is an event to support our local food pantry.  Local potters have made almost 2,000 bowls throughout the year, and they will sell them this morning to benefit the local food pantry.  We go look at all the amazing bowls, and we each pick our favorite to buy.  Then we go through the line, and local volunteers fill them with soup.  We sit down and eat with other members of the community.  All the proceeds go to fighting hunger in our area.

The alternative Christmas market is an event at our church where we offer people items made by craftspeople around the world who are paid a living wage for their art. We also have ways to give things like chickens or goats to villages in impoverished areas around the globe through the Heifer Project. Also, we do gift baskets with fair-trade agricultural products including coffee and chocolates.  It’s a great way to find gifts that give back instead of always contributing to cut-throat consumerism.  The church also has a nativity display with over 600 different nativities on loan from community members.  It’s cool to see different representations of the Holy Family from different cultures.

Both events are fun and fulfilling, and I like to think our part in them does a little bit to make the world a little better this holiday season. It’s not revolutionary, but it is an act of faith.  Which made me think of this:


And this:


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