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25 Songs of Christmas – Peace on Earth

I have heard today’s song a lot this year. I’m not sure why. Do you ever have that happen where you just seem to hear more random song more than all the others? And this one isn’t obscure, but’s no Santa Claus is coming to town or Jingle Bell Rock.  To hear it multiple times a day or several days in a row is quite a coincidence.

Only I don’t believe in coincidence. Not really.

So when I woke up singing the same line of this one over and over I took notice. The line is, “I pray my wish will come true, for my child and your child, too.”

What a thought.  Brings new urgency to “Do unto others.”  I want the same thing for every child than I want to mine.  Think about what that really means.  Do you have children?  Do you have Godchildren, nieces and nephews?  Kid’s you watched grow up?  What to hope for them?  What do you do for them on a regular basis?  What would you do for them if they were in danger?

Now imagine that kid is poor and won’t get any presents this year.  Imagine they haven’t eaten a real meal for days or even weeks.  Imagine they are a refugee.  Imagine they are black and being racial profiles.  Or muslim and being called a terrorist.  What if were trans? Or sick without insurance.

“Every child must be made aware, every child must be made to care, care enough for his fellow man to give all the love that he can.”

This Christmas, what can you do to help children in your life and children the world over bring about the “day of glory when men of good will live in peace again?”


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