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25 Songs of Christmas – Take Walk Through Bethlehem

A couple days ago I mentioned having heard “Peace on Earth” a lot this season,​ and today’s song is edging into the same category.  It’s a much lesser known song from Trisha Yearwood called “Take a Walk through Bethlehem.” I’ve heard it a few days in a row now.

Still no pressing blog topic has jumped out at me.  I think sometimes Emmanuel, God with us, works that way.  We don’t get slapped upside the head with a thunderbolt answer.  We get a still, small voice.  It’s a little whisper you have to stop and listen to, and then listen, and listen some more.  And maybe even then we have a lot of things to work through along the way.

Who knows, maybe I won’t ever figure out the message at all.  Maybe the message wasn’t for me.  Maybe it’s for you. Maybe my message was just to share the message with you. Maybe I’ll never know anything other than that I was meant to look, or to listen.

Or maybe it’s like the song says, “There’s a star that still outshines the night​.​  Y​ou can find it if you close your eyes to see the light.”


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