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25 Songs of Christmas

Sorry I didn’t post a blog yesterday.  It kind of got lost in the shuffle. And by shuffle I mean the massive amount of things we had to do.

Susie’s grandma passed away last week.  She was 101 and lived a long impressive life.   Her passing was not unexpected, but it was still sad.  And it happened during end of the year/holiday/final exam time which made it impossible for all of us to travel to Illinois for the service, so Susie went alone.  We don’t generally travel alone so that in itself was a pretty big deal for us.

Add to the mix that Jackson had a holiday concert at school and I had a holiday open house/Pampered Chef party.  The actual party itself was pretty wonderful, but everything leading up to it just felt hurried and stressful and sad.  I didn’t feel very holidayish, but I did find myself praying a lot.

I prayed to make it home from the airport safely. I prayed for safe travels for Susie. I prayed Jackson wouldn’t be too sad his mom couldn’t come to his big concert. I prayed friends would come to the party and keep us company so we wouldn’t fixate on Susie’s absence. I prayed not to burn the meatballs.

Like I said, not very Christmassy, and yet effective. In my moments of sadness and fear and frustration over what my holiday wasn’t turning out to be, I managed to turn exactly where I should. I looked (and sometimes begged) for Emmanuel.

And I found Him.  God with me in the voices of children singing.  God with me in the laughter of friends who showed up to celebrate with us under less than perfect circumstances.  God with me in the hands of family who stayed long after the party to help clean and make sure Jackson and I got home okay.  God with me in both the mundane and the unexpected.

I am sure there are people having better Holiday seasons than I, and I so many people going through so much worse. And yet I believe what ties us all together is that God came for all of us, and God is still available to all of us.

So, with those thoughts in mind, here’s two songs, one for Yesterday and one for today.


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